Chemical Free Body


Our products are so effective and amazing, they are sold with an equally amazing guarantee. You can make this type of guarantee only if… you are 100% certain… your products will help people.

Any time a person makes any changes with their health it is always wise to have a doctor monitor your progress for safety reasons… especially if you have had previous health issues or you are taking medications.

Here is how the double your money back guarantee works:

First, meet with your doctor and get a blood test to establish a baseline of your health.Second, take the products as directed and follow the simple instructions in the Ultimate Gut Cleanse Manual for 30-days and be totally thrilled as you feel more energized and alert.Last step… At the end of the 30 days of taking the products… as directed… go back to your doctor and get another blood test. If at that point the products did not work for you and you want to get double your money back of the purchase price (not including shipping), simply have your doctor write, sign and date a note explaining the dates of your two blood tests and that he/she saw no significant improvement in your blood chemistry. Then send your doctor’s note along with your full name, email address, phone number and empty product containers to:

Chemical Free Body LLCC/O Refund Department16869 SW 65 th Ave. #158Lake Oswego, OR 97035Once we receive your package please allow us 10-15 business days to happily process your refund on your credit card in our system.If you do not meet with your doctor and perform the blood tests and you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within the 6 month period Just follow the same directions above when returning the bottles and  we will refund you 100% of your purchase price (Less shipping charges).It’s just that simple and it’s easy to order. All you have to do is call us toll-free at 888-368-9898 and order with your credit card or simply go online and order there.Orders will be shipped within 24-hours on a “first come, first served basis.” Thank You!