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The Ultimate Guide To Mother’s Day Gifts

Mothers… we all have one, if you clicked on this blog, that means your mom is in for a real treat! Moms all over the world will be celebrated for their greatness to raise children, run households, and to have successful careers, all while showering their family with unconditional love. Regardless of what you bring to your mother this year, she probably will say that she loves it. Maybe you have an idea of what she needs, but figuring out

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Attract the Love of Your Life… even if your in a relationship?

How does the love of your life look like? Does it look like the person sitting right next to you every night? Or does it look like it only exists in a Hollywood movie or in your dreams? Whether or not you are in a relationship with another human being, to attract the love you want, the first person that should be “the love of your life” is yourself! What is it like to love yourself? When you love yourself

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Conspiracy Farm Podcast 2/4/19

Tim James is interviewed by former UFC world champ Pat Miletich and his co-host Jeffrey Wilson on Episode 80 of The Conspiracy Farm Podcast.  They talked about weight loss, New Years resolutions and Tim shows what came out of his body after a 7 day liver cleanse. You won’t want to miss this episode! play

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What if I told you that there is an easy way of looking good, feeling good, and being energized all day? What if I said that losing weight and increasing energy levels is more straightforward, fast and convenient that you think? Remember those times in your life when you felt your best? And you had abundant energy all day? Can you remember when you genuinely liked what you saw in the mirror, people noticed it, and you loved yourself more

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5 Food Combining Techniques For Optimal Digestion

You thought yay! I’m finally getting use to these new healthy Foods, I’m feeling awesome inside and out. Well here is your next assignment: Food Combining! It plays an important role for Optimal Digestion, when we eat the ultimate goal is to nourish with the most nutrient-dense, easily digestible foods, allowing quick absorption of nutrients and efficient elimination of waste. Even when we think we are eating healthy, vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, paleo etc, the combination of foods that are in

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