Chemical Free Body


In 2011 I healed my gut issues by detoxing, eating healthier and creating new lifestyle habits that work with my natural body. For the last decade I have dedicated my life to getting as healthy as possible and teaching others to do the same. I have coached hundreds of people privately one-on-one to transform themselves and now I am super excited to offer a private group coaching platform so that I can help more people get as healthy and happy as possible! Tim James – Founder & CEO
  • Accountability so you can stay on track with your health goals which means no more “falling off the wagon” and having to start over all the time.

  • (((LIVE))) weekly Q&A Sessions every Wednesday with Coach Tim so you can get your questions answered quickly to keep you moving forward which means progress and progress equals happiness!

  • (((LIVE))) TALK with the DOC  every 2nd Wednesday of the month Dr. Scott Treadway joins us to answer your questions.  Dr. Treadway did clinical work in India, had his own clinic in the U.S. for a decade and now is one of the top supplement formulation consultants in the industry. He is a Master Herbalist in Indian, Eastern & Western herbology and the formulator of the Chemical Free Body line of detox & nutrition products.
  • All Health Coaching Sessions are recorded just in case you miss a LIVE call you can listen to them whenever you want to which means you can get the guidance and inspiration you need to improve your health around your schedule.

  • Inspirational/Spiritual Messages to keep you excited about your health and spiritual goals which means a much higher probability of achieving them.

  • Access to all of our guides, e-books, class notes and cheat sheets ($2500 value) so you can download and save all of  our proven lifestyle tactics which means you will never forget the information and can implement them on your schedule.

  • Simple Healthy Recipes so you can learn how to eat healthier which means better health, less prep time and a lower grocery bill.

  • A Community so you can connect with other like-minded people which means you won’t feel isolated and will have others that you can relate to that also want to be healthy!

$197 Monthly Subscription, First 300 members can get in for just $37 during our pre launch!

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