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Super Soldier is here!!! After searching 35 years for the highest level of products to fuel the human body in the areas of athletic performance, recovery and overall health and well being, I feel without a doubt that it has been found.

I’ve asked 5 different, well respected formulators from their perspective supplement companies to find a fulvic humic product that is more nutrient dense and their searches have come up with nothing that remotely compares in nutrient density to Super Soldier.

Super Soldier is 1500 different types of plants that have decomposed for over 60,000 years, giving it the optimum time to accumulate maximum nutrients and young enough to not convert into rock.

Given that Super Soldier comes from the most nutrient rich bog and knowing where the oldest, most nutrient rich and alive sediment layers are, has resulted in the “Black Gold of Supplements”.

Super Soldier has been tested on individuals who live in extremes like, ultra runners, combat athletes, law enforcement, high level military, power lifters, swimmers, etc, and we’ve seen incredible results in PR’s, strength gains, better recovery, etc.

We have also seen amazing results in many individuals being able to turn their health towards a very positive direction with the assistance of Super Soldier.