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Chemical Free Body

AquaCure® AC50

AquaCure® AC50

The AquaCures can generate up to 50 liters per hour (lph) of special mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gases.This is about 833 mL/m of 66% hydrogen and 33% oxygen

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The AquaCures can generate up to 50 liters per hour (lph) of special mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gases.

This is about 833 mL/m of 66% hydrogen and 33% oxygen…

This specific mixture of gasses has MANY trade names like Brown’s Gas and HHO.
For the purpose of AquaCure we’ll call this gaseous mixture HydrOxy.

Why would you want the AquaCure over all the ‘other’ hydrogen options in the marketplace? People who do the research and comparison have no problem seeing that the AquaCure surpasses all other options for SAFE and practical use… And is less costly than many alternatives that do not have the same safety or functional features.

The AquaCure is LOADED with SAFETY features (see below).

The AquaCure can be used continuously with minimal maintenance
(just add pure water as needed and rinse it about once every 100 hours)

We focused our attention on achieving optimum safety, effectiveness, user-friendliness and durability while keeping the cost as low as possible. We DELIBERATELY built the AquaCure from an electrolyzer meant to provide HydrOxy to fuel a micro-torch, we seriously upgraded that simple machine to have safety and functionality that no other HydrOxy machine in the world exceeds.

The AquaCure ‘looks commercial’ because it is built to worldwide industrial and safety standards.

Also, this ‘sales page’ was written by the inventor (George Wiseman), so it isn’t polished like ‘competitors’ websites… but you’ll get the raw, honest truth.
George Wiseman is an inventor that has 30+ years experience building the world’s most practical, safe and optimized HydrOxy electrolyzers.

For LEGAL REASONS we need to state up front that the AquaCure is NOT defined as a MEDICAL DEVICE by the FDA and therefore we cannot legally recommend it for human use.
‘Legal’ uses would be for fueling a micro-torch and providing water and gas for the health of plants, fish, birds, reptiles, and other mammals.

HydrOxy (they call it OxyHydrogen) is medically certified in China, Japan, etc. and is EXTENSIVELY used for human health all through Asia.

Hundreds of scientific studies have proven that it is safe for plants and animals to use for drinking and breathing. Current studies are proving that humans are having all the same benefits proven on Plants and Animals but until we get medical certification we cannot (for legal reasons) recommend it for human use.

Note: A study of all the studies (including on humans) shows NO negative side effects of hydrogen, only positive benefits. 

The AquaCure draws about 250 watts and comes in BOTH 120 VAC and 240 VAC option (click the correct version button). North America and Japan are 120 VAC, Pretty much everywhere else in the world is 240 VAC


Warranty includes parts, labor and shipping if issue is manufacturer related. We’ve been in business since 1984 and expect to be in business at least another 20 years. Warrantee is assigned to the Eagle-Research customer (the one who paid us the money) and is not usually transferable.

If Warranty is invalid (because of resale or user abuse), we will still repair any issues for lifetime if the owner pays for parts, labor and shipping. We still support all the products we’ve ever sold.


We often get the question…. Does Brown’s Gas help (fill in the blank)???
We can’t guarantee any particular result because every body is different.
However, because we are SO CERTAIN you’ll be happy with this machine, we have a 100% no questions asked one YEAR money back satisfaction guarantee on your first AquaCure Purchase
(1 year from the date you receive your first machine).

You don’t need to state a reason if you want to return the machine (even after used for 12 months), just ask for an RMA number and instructions to properly send it back and (once we evaluate the machine) we’ll refund your purchase price (shipping, taxes and duty costs/fees are not refunded).

Eagle Research has been in continuous business since 1984 and their business reputation is impeccable.

We reserve the right to discount the refund to cover any customer related damage.
(normal wear and tear is expected and will not be discounted).


Brown’s Gas for Health

Mechanisms of Action: Brown's Gas is thought to have beneficial effects primarily due to its unique composition of hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen component is believed to act as an antioxidant, selectively neutralizing harmful free radicals, while the oxygen may enhance tissue oxygenation and promote healing.

Pain Management: Some studies and anecdotal reports have suggested that inhaling or applying Brown's Gas topically may provide pain relief for various conditions, including musculoskeletal pain and inflammatory conditions. However, more controlled studies are needed to validate these claims.

Wound Healing: Brown's Gas has been explored for its potential in promoting wound healing and tissue regeneration. Early research has shown positive effects on wound closure and tissue repair, indicating its possible use as a therapeutic agent for certain types of wounds.

Skin Conditions: Brown's Gas has been investigated for its effects on skin health, with reports suggesting improvements in skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. These observations warrant further investigation through controlled clinical trials.

Safety Considerations: While Brown's Gas is generally considered safe when used correctly, precautions should be taken when handling the gas, as hydrogen can be flammable in certain concentrations. Moreover, the long-term safety and potential side effects of prolonged exposure to Brown's Gas need careful examination.

Lack of Extensive Research: Despite some promising observations and early positive results, the research on Brown's Gas for medical purposes is still limited. Larger, well-designed clinical trials are necessary to establish its efficacy, safety, and optimal dosing for specific health conditions.

Distinguishing from Molecular Hydrogen: It is essential to differentiate Brown's Gas (HHO gas) from pure molecular hydrogen (H2) when reviewing research. While both contain hydrogen, they differ in their composition and potential effects. Molecular hydrogen, as mentioned earlier, has shown promising health benefits in various studies.

It's crucial to keep in mind that scientific knowledge and research evolve over time. Therefore, it is recommended to consult the most recent and reliable sources for up-to-date information on the subject. As the research on Brown's Gas continues, more insights may emerge regarding its potential applications and benefits for human health.

Molecular Hydrogen Health Benefits for Humans

Molecular hydrogen (H2) has gained attention as a potential preventive and therapeutic medical gas for various diseases. Research suggests that H2 exhibits antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help combat oxidative stress and inflammation, both of which are implicated in numerous health conditions.

Studies indicate that H2 can scavenge harmful free radicals, reducing cellular damage and supporting overall health. As a preventive measure, it may help protect against oxidative damage and age-related diseases. Furthermore, H2's anti-inflammatory effects could be beneficial in managing conditions related to inflammation, such as cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative disorders, and metabolic syndromes.

H2 has been investigated for its potential therapeutic applications in a wide range of ailments, including but not limited to diabetes, arthritis, lung diseases, and gastrointestinal disorders. Additionally, its non-toxic and easily administered nature makes it a promising candidate for medical use.

Though the research is still ongoing, the evidence so far indicates that molecular hydrogen shows promise as a versatile and potentially effective medical gas for preventing and managing various diseases by combating oxidative stress and inflammation in the body. However, further studies are needed to better understand its mechanisms and establish specific treatment protocols for different health conditions.

What makes Molecular Hydrogen so Special

  • Mechanisms of Action: Molecular hydrogen (H2) primarily exerts its beneficial effects through its antioxidant properties. Unlike other antioxidants that may neutralize multiple types of free radicals, H2 selectively targets the hydroxyl radical (OH·), one of the most reactive and damaging free radicals. By scavenging hydroxyl radicals, H2 helps reduce oxidative stress and cellular damage, which are associated with various diseases and aging processes.
  • A. Eagle-Research defines Brown’s Gas (aka BG, HHO or HydrOxy) as:
  • Various Administration Methods: Molecular hydrogen can be administered through different methods, including inhalation, ingestion of hydrogen-rich water or hydrogen-producing tablets, and topical application. Inhalation is often considered a preferred method due to its rapid absorption and distribution throughout the body.
  • Diseases and Health Conditions: Research on the potential therapeutic effects of H2 spans a wide range of diseases and health conditions. Some of the areas being explored include cardiovascular diseases (e.g., hypertension, atherosclerosis), neurodegenerative disorders (e.g., Alzheimer's, Parkinson's), diabetes and metabolic syndrome, liver diseases, kidney diseases, lung diseases (e.g., asthma), gastrointestinal disorders (e.g., inflammatory bowel disease), and musculoskeletal conditions (e.g., arthritis).
  • Safety Profile: One of the advantages of molecular hydrogen is its remarkable safety profile. H2 is non-toxic, non-irritating, and generally well-tolerated. There is currently no known upper limit for safe H2 consumption, and it does not appear to cause adverse effects even at high concentrations.
  • Clinical Studies: While numerous studies have been conducted in preclinical models (animal studies), human clinical trials are still limited but increasing. Early clinical studies have shown promising results, but more extensive and rigorous trials are needed to establish the efficacy of H2 in specific medical conditions.

Potential Limitations: Although molecular hydrogen shows great promise, it is essential to recognize that it may not be a standalone cure-all treatment for all diseases. Its effects may vary depending on the specific condition and individual differences. Additionally, more research is required to determine optimal dosing, administration methods, and long-term effects.

Overall, molecular hydrogen's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties have sparked significant interest in the medical and scientific communities. While ongoing research is crucial to fully understand its mechanisms and applications, the current evidence supports its potential as a preventive and therapeutic medical gas for various diseases.

Ge L, Yang M, Yang NN, Yin XX, Song WG. Molecular hydrogen: a preventive and therapeutic medical gas for various diseases. Oncotarget. 2017 Sep 21;8(60):102653-102673. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.21130. PMID: 29254278; PMCID: PMC5731988.

Molecular Hydrogen potential for treating Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by persistent impairments in social interactions, communication deficits, restricted repetitive behaviors, and higher anxiety-like behaviors. Scientific research has shown a strong link between inflammation, immune abnormalities, and the pathogenesis of autism. Patients with autism exhibit neuroinflammation in certain brain areas, and there is evidence of dysregulated inflammatory responses and immune system abnormalities throughout life.

Animal models, such as mice exposed to maternal immune activation, have provided valuable insights into the behavioral and immune dysregulation associated with autism. Studies in mice have demonstrated that maternal immune activation can lead to altered behavior in offspring, including decreased sociability and other autism-like behaviors.

In recent years, researchers have become interested in the potential therapeutic effects of molecular hydrogen due to its anti-oxidative, anti-apoptotic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Molecular hydrogen can be administered in various forms, such as inhalation of hydrogen gas, injection of hydrogen-rich saline, or oral intake of hydrogen-rich water (HRW). It can readily penetrate biomembranes, including the blood-brain barrier, making it accessible to hard-to-reach organs like the brain. Multiple studies have shown that molecular hydrogen offers neuroprotective benefits in various neurological conditions, including depression, anxiety, neuropathic pain, Parkinson's disease, cognitive impairment, and brain injury, by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation.

Based on the dysregulation of the immune system observed in autism and the anti-inflammatory properties of hydrogen, the present study aimed to investigate the potential effects of HRW on autism-like behaviors using a maternal valproic acid (VPA)-exposed mouse model. The researchers administered HRW to pregnant mice exposed to VPA and their offspring and evaluated the behavioral changes in the offspring. They also measured the levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines interleukin 6 (IL-6) and tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) in the serum of the mice using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).

The results showed that maternal VPA exposure induced autism-like behaviors in the offspring, including higher anxiety, altered pain sensation, impaired social behaviors, and memory deficits. However, administration of HRW to pregnant mice and their offspring significantly reversed these behavioral abnormalities, suggesting that HRW may have therapeutic potential for autism.

Furthermore, the study revealed that VPA exposure led to increased levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines IL-6 and TNF-α in the serum of the mice offspring. However, HRW administration significantly reduced these elevated cytokine levels, indicating that HRW may exert its therapeutic effects by modulating the immune system and reducing inflammation.

The findings of this study highlight the promising role of hydrogen-rich water as a potential novel medical approach for autism spectrum disorder. However, more research is needed to fully understand the underlying mechanisms of HRW's effects and to validate its effectiveness in human subjects. Nevertheless, these results provide a basis for further investigations into the potential use of molecular hydrogen as a therapeutic intervention for autism.

Ge L, Yang M, Yang NN, Yin XX, Song WG. Molecular hydrogen: a preventive and therapeutic medical gas for various diseases. Oncotarget. 2017 Sep 21;8(60):102653-102673. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.21130. PMID: 29254278; PMCID: PMC5731988.

Have a Question? We Have Answers

What is Brown’s Gas (BG)?

A. Eagle-Research defines Brown’s Gas (aka BG, HHO or HydrOxy) as:

“A mixture of combustible gasses coming out of an electrolyzer that is specifically designed to electrolyze (split) water and to NOT separate the resulting gasses from each other.”
Electrolysis splits water into hydrogen and oxygen by inserting two electrodes into a solution containing a catalyst and water; then running direct current through the solution. 
Hydrogen evolves from the negative electrode (cathode) and oxygen evolves from the positive electrode (anode).  There are many catalyst choices.
The difference between traditional and Brown’s Gas (BG) electrolyzers is a ‘membrane’ in the solution between the cathode and anode. 
The membrane traditionally separates the hydrogen and oxygen into two separate streams.
BG electrolyzers do not have a membrane, so all gasses generated come out the same hose.  
Because there is no membrane to interrupt the process, the BG electrolysis can make a third gas, a negatively charged plasma form of water (H2O with extra electrons we call Electrically Expanded Water (ExW)), evolving directly out of the solution (not associated with either electrode); making the BG uniquely different from a traditional H2:O2 mixture.

Brown’s Gas electrolyzers MUST use a catalyst in the water between the electrodes.This is what builds the ‘electron bridge’ that attaches electrons to water,allowing some of the water to absorb enough electrons so that it becomes a negatively charged plasma form of water that I call Electrically Expanded Water (ExW).

The electrons in the ExW increase the therapeutic efficacy of the hydrogen because they are bio-available… Literally giving the body ENERGY that is desperately needed when people are sick and have depleted energy.

PEM:SPE electrolyzers (any electrolyzer with a membrane between the anode and cathode) cannot make ExW (and thus not BG) because the membrane interferes with the ‘electron bridge’ that makes the ExW.

Brown’s Gas is a ratio of 2 parts hydrogen to 1 part oxygen and usually contains a significant water vapor component.Brown’s Gas is made using water and electricity in specially designed electrolyzers, like our AquaCure.

Why does Brown’s Gas supplementation help Health?

Simple and comprehensive are diametrically opposed.
A comprehensive explanation requires many hours to explain and will still leave questions unanswered.
A simple explanation is all I have time for here.  Giving links so you can do a self-study.
The average body is 62% hydrogen, 24% oxygen, 12% carbon and 2% everything else (by volume).
Hydrogen is involved, directly or indirectly in every chemical process in the body.
So hydrogen is our most important MACRO-NUTRIENT, which has been ignored until now.  Hydrogen is a FOOD!
The well touted vitamins and minerals are all micro-nutrients compared to hydrogen.
We cannot just breathe in hydrogen like oxygen, because hydrogen does not exist ‘free’ in nature.
We normally get our hydrogen from our food.  Most of our ‘foods’ foods contain ‘hydro-carbons’ (a mixture of hydrogen and carbon).
Our digestion system prepares our food (acids, enzymes, etc.) and then specialized bacteria in the Colon complete the process of ‘digestion’ releasing the hydrogen… Which then goes directly into the bloodstream through the walls of the intestines.
Betcha didn’t know you ‘breathe’ in your guts 🙂
By using antibiotics, artificial sweeteners and other chemicals in our food, we’ve decimated our hydrogen-producing bacteria.  So, most people are NOT getting enough hydrogen to stay healthy.
Without sufficient hydrogen we become ’starved’ even if we eat plenty of food.  De-hydrated in the most basic sense.
Our bodies are AMAZING organic machines.  We have built in ‘safety mechanisms’ to preserve life.  Like how the blood flow is shut off to the extremities to preserve core temperature when the body is threatened with hyopthermia.
The hydrogen starvation causes the body to shut off extraneous (not immediately life threatening) functions in order to preserve life, starting with the regeneration system (so we scar and age) and then features of the immune system (so we get sick and auto-immune disease).  Then start to shut down organs (and we die)…
Thus, by not taking care of our guts properly, eating so many ‘chemicals’ and the modern miracle of antibiotics, we have doomed ourselves to slow and painful aging and death.
But there is now hope for healthful joyous living…  Hydrogen supplementation… Particularly if you also add ExW.
If provided enough hydrogen on a daily basis, most bodies will repair their organs, reactivate their immune systems and regeneration systems.  This does take TIME, as the cells regenerate, each new generation healthier as they get enough hydrogen.
So (with me after I started Brown’s Gas inhalation) my heart, eyes and skin healed (organs that were struggling).  I’d had a heart murmur, wore glasses for 50 years and In more recent years I’d lost the feeling in the palm of my left hand and on both shins (neuropathies).
Now my heart murmur is gone, I don’t wear glasses anymore and I have full feeling back in my hand and legs.
Then my warts (a virus) disappeared.  My immune systems got strong enough to kick out hand warts and a planter’s wart I had on my foot.  So my immune systems came back online.
And then my scars (which are patches instead of healing) disappeared…  THAT was a WOW moment… Because to do that meant that (even though I’m over 60 years old) my body’s stem cells have been reactivated!
Science is proving that virtually all ailments are caused by or exacerbated by…Lack of Hydrogen!  People are ‘de-hydrated’ in the most basic sense of the word.
Caveat:  When inhaling Brown’s Gas, at first supplement SLOWLY.  A few minutes a couple or three times a day.  Increasing by a couple of minutes every day until you are breathing HydrOxy for about 20 minutes three times a day.  After that you should be able to breathe as much as you want, there’s no toxic limit because once the blood is saturated with hydrogen, you breathe OUT as much as you breathe IN.
The reason you start slow is because hydrogen is a FOOD and you’ve been STARVING for a long time.  If you were fasting for a month (from regular food), you wouldn’t start eating again with a 9 course meal (you’d get sick).  You’d start with a little bowl of soup.  Same thing here.
Science is also showing a 30% to 50% healthful life extension with hydrogen supplementation.
There are now MANY ways to supplement with hydrogen, so which is best?   I answer that with this blog:
In my opinion, Brown’s Gas (HydrOxy or HHO) is the best hydrogen for health gas mixture because it also contains oxygen (to balance the hydrogen) andExW (to provide the ENERGY the body needs to heal).

How long do you bubble Brown’s Gas into the water?

Bubble 10 minutes per liter (quart) of water at a BG rate of 50 liters/hour.  

I recommend using a fish tank bubbling stone to make lots of small bubbles, which will maximize contact of BG to the water.

How long does BG Bubbled water stay charged / enhanced?

There are quite a few ways that BG enhances water when BG is bubbled through water, like ORP, frequencies, pH, etc.
Most of the energetic ‘charges’ go away over time.  Tests show that ‘charged water’ (BG bubbled water) has a half life of about a day… So after about 24 hours half of the energies that make BG bubbled water extra healthful have dissipated.  In another day, half of that energy is gone, etc… The water is still great ‘living’ water but doesn’t have the extra energy kick.
Which is why I sell (and teach people how to build) electrolyzers instead of bottled water.  Then people can bubble their own water and drink it at it’s highest potency.
There are lots of scammers out there that are selling ‘enhanced’ waters that DO test very healthful in the labs, just after the water has been bubbled.  They don’t show the tests of the water after it’s been sitting on the shelf for a week. 

Can the AquaCure make a room explode?

Hydrogen gas (the part of BG that is combustible) needs to be at least 4% in air by volume before it is combustible.  
Hydrogen rises VERY fast and diffuses in air VERY fast, so even a minimal ventilation would prevent a combustible mixture from forming in the room.  
Let’s do some math.  A 3 meter cube (a small room) contains 27,000 liters of space.  4% of 27,000 is 1,080 liters.
Assuming your electrolyzer makes 50 liters of hydrogen per hour, there would be (at least) 20 hours of continous use before a combustible mixture could form.
BUT: Hydrogen is a very tiny molecule and can fit through the smallest of cracks (it even travels through metals).  So it is almost impossible to contain in a room that has ANY ventilation.  Just opening a door once in awhile will ventilate a room enough to prevent a combustible mixture.
And this doesn’t take into account if a person is breathing the BG, so some of the hydrogen is being ‘consumed’ by the breather(s); just like oxygen is a room is consumed by breather(s).  
So, for practicality, just assume that if the room is ventilated well enough so that the breather(s) have enough fresh oxygen to breathe, that there can NEVER be a combustible mixture in the room (from an electrolyzer producing such small quantities of hydrogen). 

What are Brown’s Gas Myths?

Even Yull Brown allowed certain ‘myths’ about Brown’s Gas to propagate unaddressed.  I’m now trying to address them.Myth#1BG does NOT sublimate tungsten.  The tungsten liquifies, vaporizes and burns.  It’s SMOKE you are seeing (oxidized tungsten) not sublimated tungsten.  I got really dark lenses so I could observe the actual interaction and I could see the liquid puddle with the vapors coming off and burning.Sublimation is vaporization directly from solid, no liquid… Thus NO sublimation.Myth#2BG does NOT implode.  In it’s ‘pure’ form it will ALWAYS explode first, then (if in an enclosed container that withstood the explosion) a vacuum will form as the gasses combine to form water (and take up 1800 times less room).  Thus a vacuum is formed, but NOT by implosion.When the BG is burned in open air, it has a long ‘laser-like’ flame, due to the ‘net vacuum’ combustion.  The flame is actually making a ’tunnel’ in the air (because of the ’net vacuum’), and the air acts to ‘contain’ the burn, so it’s long and thin. That said, there IS one component of BG that WILL implode.  The Electrically Expanded Water (ExW, a plasma form of water) that is still water but in a gaseous form that is not water vapor or steam (if you cool it, it will not condense).  Since this ExW is water is a gaseous form, it will ‘implode’ when it loses the extra electrons that are causing it to be a plasma.But separating out this single component of BG has been a challenge.The ExW is the component that contains the ‘energy’ that people note ‘electric shock’. Myth#3Brown’s Gas changes temperature depending on which material it’s directed against.Brown’s Gas never changes it’s combustion characteristics when directed against any material.  It’s the MATERIAL that reacts differently.  BG is a ‘cool’ flame in that it radiates very little thermal energy… But it’s a HIGH energy flame.  Most of it’s energy is electrons (electrical in nature) so it directs this ‘electricity’ into the molecular structure of the material, so the material reacts to this electrical energy input and thus shows different results than when presented to a thermal flame.NOTE: BG does not ‘cut cleanly through wood’  It will bore a hole through wood, but the edges are charcoal, not ‘clean’.  It does do better than a thermal flame but I wouldn’t call the result ‘clean’.Here are afew more, mythsBG has some amazing applications that are real and practical.
We do not need to propagate myths to promote BG.Myths ultimately undermine the BG’s credibility.