Silver Relax Portable Far Infrared Sauna

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After 9 years of taking saunas daily and being a sauna dealer I sold my $5400 wooden sauna and bought a Relax Sauna and have been using it daily ever since because it is the only infrared sauna that can heat up your core temperature 3.2 degrees in 25 minutes! This aides the body in extra deep blood flow to dormit capillaries, detoxing at the deepest level while restoring those areas with fresh nutrients and oxygen. For our private one-on-one coaching clients this sauna is now required because it is so effective at helping the body to heal by reducing inflammation and pushing out man made toxins.  I have shared this sauna with thousands of people and everyone of them that I have spoke with absolutely loves this sauna. Many people use it to reduce pain, recover faster from workouts, improve sleep and beautiful skin. One of my favorite benefits of this sauna is that it put your body into parasympathetic "Rest & Digest" state which is the main precursor to healing the body.  Relax Sauna has a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee but you wont need it because you will never be without one once you experience it for yourself. This is one of my top lifestyle hacks to help you take back your health in this polluted, stressed out world... Enjoy!