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Burn Fat, Eliminate Bloating, Detox Toxins & Skyrocket Your Energy

 with this Ultra Concentrated Superfood Green Juice Blend 

In 1 Minute Per Day!

GREEN 85 replaces what’s missing in the food chain, reduces cravings and helps you get rid of toxins. 

It’s the All-in-One Nutrient & Detox Drink - Your secret weapon to a healthier, stronger and slimmer body.

  • 23 Organic Superfoods + Probiotics & Enzymes
  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Reduce Food Cravings
  • Daily Detox
  • Increase Energy
  • Balance Digestion
  • Change Your Life...


I love the Natural Energy it gives me. I drink it twice a day, first thing in the morning and before dinner. My cravings & bloating are gone!          Tiffany G.

One Powerful Green Juice A Day is All You Need 

To Transform Your Health!

If your sick and tired of bloating, fatigue, stubborn fat, constipation & crazy hunger cravings, our organic 

GMO-free and gluten-free formula will set the foundation to a new you.



We are exposed to toxins 24/7 through the air, water, food and most products we put on our skin or in our mouth. GREEN 85 Juice Formula helps eliminate these energy draining toxins and supports total health and wellbeing.


Ultra concentrated raw formula is packed with SUPERFOODS from around globe to help you replace 85% of nutrients farmed out of our soil. Get ready to feel “wild animal energy” when you feed your body what nature intended.


Inflammation is a precursor to disease and poor health. It starts in our gut when we consume acidic beverages and food which leads to intestinal issues. Our highly alkaline formula helps combat inflammation and support overall digestive health.

 We Packed 23 Health Boosting Superfoods 

+ Probiotics & Enzymes Into Every Serving!


organic Wheatgrass

organic spirulina

organic oat grass

organic chlorella

organic wheat sprouts

organic broccoli sprouts

organic moringa

organic acai berry

organic dandelion

organic kale

organic cabbage

organic beet root

organic broccoli

organic parsley

organic carrot

organic celery seed

organic bell pepper

organic spinach

organic tomato

organic dulse

organic sweet potato

organic raspberry

organic monk fruit


digestive enzymes

What Our Raving Fans Have to Say...

Improve Your Health One Green Juice At A Time

Everyone knows we need to eat more veggies every day, but who really has the time to find the good ones then prepare them?  Prepared in just seconds GREEN 85 delivers highly concentrated nutrients to your body, with zero chemicals. It is the ultimate nutrient delivery system for everyone.

JENNI F. Verified Purchase

We are huge fans of Green 85 in our house! With Green 85 we can pack an enormous amount of nutrients into one tasty drink. I drink it straight up with water; my husband blends it into delicious smoothies—ether way, we know Green 85 is an investment in our long-term health and vitality! ​​​​

Lili J. Verified Purchase

I'm a health coach, marketer, and designer so I have my days full to the top at least Monday through Friday! Many things have improved since I started juicing. I have better BMs, I used to be constipated since my teen years, my digestion is like clockwork now, no bloating, and my energy and mood improved tremendously!  Green 85 saves me time in the mornings when I don't get to my juicer! And when I do get to my juicer, I make sure to add a scoop of Green 85 to boost it up with all the fantastic superfoods, probiotics and enzymes! I also love it before or after working out or yoga class! Green 85 is a time saver and a lifesaver! 

Mikki V. Verified Purchase

I chose to try these greens to enhance my weight loss and health journey. I have been taking this product for over two years and since the beginning I noticed more energy, regularity, a decrease in appetite and cravings and I have lost a significant amount of weight and been able to maintain it. I would recommend this great product for absolutely anyone!

STEPHANIE G. Verified Purchase

I’m in love with these greens! I have Hashimotos Thyroid disease and I gave birth to my last baby at 40. I was feeling exhausted, drained and just blah.  I started taking the greens and they have been a life saver! I felt more energy the first day! My cravings went away and I dropped my excess baby weight. My digestion has improved greatly. This is truly the BEST all in one product out there for optimum nutrition and gentle daily detox. Amazing product!

GREEN 85 Juice Formula Detoxifies, Alkalizes and Energizes All In One!

Double Your 
Money back Guarantee*

We’re so confident GREEN 85 will change your life that we’ll give you DOUBLE your money back if it doesn’t.

Order now with complete confidence and if its not for you, just send us the empty container and we’ll give you your money back within 180 days.


I used to have a problem with being regular and after taking GREEN 85 that is no longer an issue. I love that my body is detoxing all of the toxins on a daily basis keeping me healthy and strong. This product makes me feel like superwoman! Tons of energy and clarity all day long!

Danoucha R.

I literally love these greens. I am on my feet all day seeing patients and since taking the greens I have more energy, I sleep better and just feel amazing. I like that your companies mission is to only provide products that are 100% real food/herbs and free of chemicals. I recommend Green 85 to all my patients since its effective & simple to do even if you have a busy schedule like mine.

Dr. Rich V.

The Green 85 has helped my digestion system detox, it’s allowed me to lose weight that was not good weight such as fat and water retention, revealing the true weight of my body size. It tastes good and one glass a day in the morning cuts cravings and gives me sufficient enough energy to do my daily tasks. I love it!

Ivinita G.

Join the Thousands of People Taking Charge 

Of Their Health!

Transform Your Life for just $1.74 a Serving. 

That’s 23 Superfoods PLUS Probiotics & Enzymes

for Less than a Cup of Coffee!

Try out GREEN 85 Juice Formula for 180 day in get double your money back if it doesn't work for you.

There is absolutely no risk on your part and we make such a strong guarantee because we know that you will love how good you feel as soon as you try it!

I run my own business which requires a lot of energy. Since Take Green 85  I've noticed my appetite is not as much as it usually is and my energy feels amazing.  I have been working out two times a day seven days a week and still going strong. I look to see how far it will take my performance. Nice to be getting lean again. Great stuff!

Rick F.

I'm a busy wife and mom of 2 little ones.  I was re-searching products for my gut issues and a good friend recommended Green85. I really like the taste, its earthy and delicious which is a huge bonus for me!  I've noticed more regular bowel movements, more energy... and just the drive to be more conscious about every day decisions!  I plan on being a loyal customer for life!

Brandi B.

Green 85 is more than your average green drink. The amount of love and energy put into creating this product is expressed in every sip. It’s taste good which in return feels good. It’s the first pure and gentle detox cleanse I’ve experienced! It’s more than a physical effect for me, overall I have more peace of mind knowing I am giving my body the best nourishment. 

Rebbeca W.


For more information check out or frequently asked questions below. If there is something we missed or you just need a little more information, please email us at: SUPPORT@CHEMICALFREEBODY.COM

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