10 Day Juice Cleanse Plus Pack

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Fresh pressed juice cleanses are great! However, they can be expensive and most veggies today are grown in nutrient deficient soils. Most people do juice cleanses to improve their health. If that is the case then we recommend the first step should be cleaning the digestive tract of impacted waste matter. Gut Cleanse Plus can help you do that in the most gentle way possible and hardly anyone has diarrhea. The perfect solution for busy people. Next you supply your body with GREEN 85 Juice Formula to replace the 85% of nutrients that have been farmed out of our soil. This is a much more effective cleanse and nutrient program than regular juicing and is 1/3 the investment. Check out the comparison below…

                                   Our Juice Cleanse        Reg Juice Cleanse          You Save               

Cost per Juice:                $2.30                                $7.50                            <$5.20>

Cost 10 Days:                   $138                                  $450                             <$312>

Deep Cleanse:                  YES                                    NO                                    n/a

High in Nutrients:          YES                                    NO                                    n/a

Can Travel with:              YES                                    NO                                    n/a

You can also “spike” fresh made juices with GREEN 85 to supercharge yourself!


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