100% Pure CBD Eye Drops (250mg) 30ml bottle


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Trew Vision is formulated with CBD nanotechnology to provide the highest absorption rate of CBD in the industry, upwards of 90+%, which allows Trew Vision to be more effective than any CBD oil. It offers the most advanced CBD delivery for improved bioavailability and maximum benefit. Trew Vision’s formula is also designed to provide optimum delivery of the powerful CBD phytocannabinoids. Place 1-2 drops into each eye as needed.

1 review for 100% Pure CBD Eye Drops (250mg) 30ml bottle

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    it has really helped not only me, but for my aging mother with deteriorating vision issues. Here is one more awesome testimony. – My 13 year old Labrador began to get the cloudy eye seen in older pets. I began using a daily regimen of Trew Vision eye drops because a friend mentioned that CBD works well for dogs. I am just amazed that the cloudy haze has decreased continuously over the last 2 mos (approx) and I am continuing to use them – hopefully the haze will completely reverse and she will have her sight improved – so far so great!

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