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Why do we need to detox and cleanse daily? Toxic chemicals and heavy metals have polluted our eco-system contributing to the major rise in public health issues. Currently over 150+ species on this planet go EXTINCT EVERY 24 HOURS due to the microscopic wave of toxins! Yes! you read that correctly! 150+ per day… Critical Cleanse (Or as we like to call it “The Pollution Solution“) is a 100% naturally occurring formula made with special heavy metal free Zeolites, and an Herbal Blend which can help remove Toxic Chemicals, Heavy metals, Radiation, Synthetic Estrogens and Free-Radicals from our body and is safe for long term use. JOIN THE CHEMICAL FREE MOVEMENT… become a Health Hero!

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11 reviews for Critical Cleanse Formula

  1. cgoodan27

    I had know idea just how polluted everybody is until I saw the umbilical cord studies that the owner of Chemical Free Body Tim James was talking about in a video. I was shocked to discover that every child being born today has over 250 toxins in their blood! I like to take this product every day to make sure I am cleansing that stuff out. Since taking this product I feel more energy and I get sick less. What a simple way to remove heavy metals and all that other stuff that is lowering our immune systems. I am a firm believer that taking this product is “CRITICAL” if a person is looking to feel great and not worry about toxins causing problems in our body. Thank you for making this product… I take it everyday!

  2. israeldegyves

    I was in a car accident and have a lot of metal in my body plus I ate like crap for years… I thought it would be a good idea to start cleaning myself out. Critical Cleanse not only helps me do that but it has improved my energy… Great product!!!

  3. mjdukart (verified owner)

    I have been taking Critical Cleanse product for a while now and I am very happy to find an easy way to detox my body of all the pollution I am exposed to at my construction job and that is in our environment. It was nice to know that this formula was originally made for veterans to pull out toxins that they were exposed to during war. Will take this every day to build my immune system and not get sick.

  4. 1tiffanygidley (verified owner)

    There are so many toxins in the environment today I realized that I needed to be smart about this and find a simple way to cleanse my body… Critical Cleanse Formula works perfect for this and it is simple… I take it with Gut Cleanse Plus daily. I feel more energy and feel good that I have an insurance policy to protect me from chemicals and toxins that I cannot control. My brother is in the military and I will be sharing this with him very soon! Thank you! Wonderful formula!

  5. maryperrypotter14 (verified owner)

    This is the only product I know of its kind. I have been searching for a truly natural product to help remove chemicals and other toxins from my body for a long time. This one works great and it gives me a lot of energy too! God bless you for having this available, it really works and people really need to be taking this. I worked at a detox clinic and I have seen first hand how important it is to do this to improve one’s immune system. This product makes cleansing the tough stuff out of the body very easy. Thank you!!!

  6. Ruth Scruggs (verified owner)

    With all of the toxins in the air and all of the chemicals I have been exposed I feel it is important to be as toxin free as possible and this product delivers!

  7. rick (verified owner)

    Until I learned about cleansing I had no idea how polluted were are today. Kinda scared me a little bit actually reading those umbilical cord blood tests posted online. The Gut Cleanse product and the Greens they offer worked so well I decided to add this one in too. It gives me more energy and I feel better knowing all that stuff is getting swept out of me on a daily basis and not just accumulating anymore making me weaker. Very good product and I recommend everyone to be on it. It just makes sense.

  8. johnnym1978 (verified owner)

    This product just makes sense to keep my pipes clean from all the toxins that build up in our system today. This product has given me a lot of energy and is a great addition to the other products in their line up. It’s just a smart thing to do today… Great Product!

  9. kathyrose7 (verified owner)

    I have been taking this product for quite awhile now because I want to get all the chemicals out of my body. I have dealt with seizures since 2009 and I do everything I can to boost my immune system and this has been a great addition. Thank you for making such a useful product… I have not found anything else that works so well.

  10. robinb (verified owner)

    When I talked to my health coach this was recommended as the first step to detoxing my body of all the toxins. I have lost 55lbs since taking the greens and being on all these products. I believe this is an important part to any health regiment especially with all the toxins in our environment.

  11. william kohl (verified owner)

    Great product!! Have always had gut issues most my adult life. Started taking the gut cleanse, critical cleanse and green 85. and feel better than I have in years. More energy, clear brain, always regular and acid reflux gone. This stuff really works!!!!

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