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Probiotic Prebiotic Formula

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Probiotic Spores are the future of probiotics. Their ability to survive stomach acid unlike traditional probiotics makes them the hands down choice for digestive support and building immunity in our modern polluted world!


(The Truth about Probiotics)

A healthy body starts with a healthy gut, and too many people are unhealthy because of an unhealthy gut. Humans have 10 times more bacteria in their digestive tract than cells in their body. The role these bacteria have in health and disease has been extensively studied, and probiotics are becoming more main stream.

Recent studies have shown that very often commercially sold probiotic supplements are ineffective at boosting the immune system, 70% of which is in the digestive tract. Oral supplementation with commonly sold products also does not change the composition of bacteria in your digestive tract.

Studies from the Human Microbiome Project and world leading probiotic experts, have found that in order for a supplemented probiotic to be beneficial for its host it must:

  • Be an organism that naturally exists in the gut already.
  • Be supplemented in a higher concentration than what naturally exists in the gut.
  • Be able to survive the harsh environment of the stomach acid and upper digestive tract.
  • Should naturally occur in our environment and be stable in both the gut and the environment.

Lactobacillus sp. and Bifidobacter sp. dominate the marketplace as the most frequently used probiotic strains. It is true that these are naturally occurring bacteria in the intestinal tract, but they are not designed to exist and thrive outside of the gut and are thus destroyed by the stomach acid and bile salts when supplemented orally. These bacteria are not found in our environment because they have not evolved for life outside the gut, and therefore they are not natural probiotics. They also exist in numbers that exceed 20 trillion cells in the digestive tract, and so supplementation with even 100 billion cells would not be enough to get the desired immune stimulation (So, the popular current notion that 50 billion cells is appropriate is far from true) – (THE PROBLEM).


Bacillus spores are the most widely prescribed prescription probiotics in the world. They have been studied extensively in human clinical trials and have a very long history of use. In addition, these Spores are:

  • Naturally Occurring organisms in the gut
  • Exist with a typical population of about 2 million cells so supplementing up to several billion is a much higher concentration than what naturally exists in the gut which will cause the

stimulation we require for the best beneficial probiotic effect.

  • Robust and survive the harsh environment of stomach acid 100% intact
  • Occur naturally in our environment AND also thrive
in the gut – Nature’s true probiotics.

A new paradigm of understanding of probiotics for health and disease is emerging. Spores are much more effective than standard probiotic strains and this is proven in scientific research studies.

We recommend five strains of Non-GMO Spores for optimal health purposes including: Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus indicus, Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus Clausii and Bacillus oagulans.

Why these five Spore strains?

Bacillus subtilis:

  • Widely used, safe and highly effective
  • Produces over 12 affective antibiotics
  • Produces Nattokinase an Vitamin K2
  • Very important for immune development – GALT

Bacillus indicus:

  • Potent immune stimulation
  • Produces high levels of carotenoids – lycopene, axtaxanthin, beta-carotene, lutin
  • Produces quinols and anti-oxidant vitamins

Bacillus licheniformis:

  • Produces naturally occurring antibiotics
  • Produces protease for digestion including protein digestion
  • Produces whole spectrum of B Vitamins including B12 and Folic Acid

Bacillus clausii:

  • Most widely used medical probiotic in the world
  • Potent immune stimulator
  • Antibiotic resistant for use during antibiotic treatments

Bacillus coagulans:

  • Well studied and long history of effective use
  • Very effective for severe digestive disorders (Example: Crohn’s)
  • Potent immune stimulator

Bacillus is extremely stable during processing and through the digestive tract only when in the spore form.


References and Supporting Research:

  • Appl Environ Microbiol. 2002 May; 68(5): 2344–2352. doi: 10.1128/AEM.68.5.2344-

2352.2002, PMCID: PMC127533, Bacillus Probiotics: Spore Germination in the

Gastrointestinal Tract Gabriella Casula and Simon M. Cutting.


Suggested Use:

Recommend starting out slowly in taking the Spores formula to avoid any GI discomfort.

  • Take with food or right after a meal
  • Typical dosage:

o  Week 1: 1 capsule after a meal, every other day

o  Week 2: 1 capsule every day after a meal;

o  Week 3: Standard dosage of 2 capsules per day, after a meal.

o  Thereafter: Standard dosage or as instructed by your health care provider




6 reviews for Probiotic Prebiotic Formula

  1. israeldegyves (verified owner)

    Everyone knows probiotics are important and these probiotic spores are super powerful and effective. My digestion is improved, I am not as groggy and I am more outgoing since being on these. THey work really well with the Gut Cleanse Plus product. Highly recommend them over other probiotics I have tried in the past!

  2. cfreeman89 (verified owner)

    Have not been sick one day since I started using this product!

  3. maryperrypotter14 (verified owner)

    I was not aware of these spore based probiotics before running into them here at the Chemical Free Body store so I thought I would try them out. They work really really good and are stronger that many other probiotics I have ever tried and I have tried a lot. Thank you for making a great probiotic! I like that the capsules are small and easy to swallow too.

  4. johnnym1978 (verified owner)

    I take the probiotics simply because the stomach needs good bacteria and that is important for digestion and brain health. I’m 59 years old and I don’t want to end up like a majority of baby boomers with bad health. These are some of the most powerful probiotics I have ever tried. They work really good with the Gut Cleanse Plus product and heave helped my digestion tremendously!

  5. robinb (verified owner)

    Probiotics have helped me a lot to digest my food and I feel that I have way better mental clarity since taking them. Also, I have not been sick at all, no colds, no flu’s, nothing. This company makes the best products. Love this stuff!

  6. Scott BAUMER (verified owner)

    I have tried other Probiotics in my quest to heal my serious digestive issues, but this is the first brand that has allowed me to accomplish a therapeutic daily dose with just two capsules.

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