"I can’t believe one product can do so much! My gut feels better, my skin is clearing up and I am so happy it's knocking out bad organisms in my body without messing up my good bacteria."
Hanna L. - Electric Silver Customer

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Triple Action Nano-Silver Gel: Infused with high concentration of nano-silver that is useful for topical and oral conditions. Cuts, burns, infections, mold, yeast, fungus, this gel tackles them all!

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Triple Action Nano-Silver Gel: Infused with high concentration of nano-silver that is useful for topical and oral conditions. There is almost nothing that it cannot help, such as cuts, burns, scrapes, bug bites, acne, athletes foot, burns, gum issues etc. Women find it to be the best toner/cleanser they have ever used before applying skin creams and makeup. It helps each person individually as your first line of defense, at the best concentration and purity available.


Nano Silver Science

To get all of the medical literature for the benefits of this product and a complete users guide per the FDA you need to email us and request it.  

Send the email to : support@chemicalfreebody.com and we will happily process your request and give you the mind blowing studies and all of the many uses of this very unique and powerful nano-silver technology.


Apply generously to skin as need to promote health skin.

For external cosmetic skin use only

Store at room termperature and out of direct sunlight


Can this be used as a toothpaste?

Many people have used it as a toothpaste, or combined it with other ingredients like bentonite clay to make a toothpaste. The Electric Silver Solution is usually the one people use orally or as a mouth rinse, but the gel works great as a toothpaste too!

About how long does a bottle last?

That’s hard to say exactly because it depends on how much you need it and if you’re using small amounts each time or large amounts. Personally a bottle lasts me about 2 months, and that’s through summer with bug bites taking up a lot of uses. There is 3.38 fl oz in the bottle, and you don’t need a lot of for small concentrated skin issues.

Can this be used for UTI’s?

We can't give advice on specific medical conditions, but people have reported success in treating things like UTI’s. People have also used it to treat certain STD’s like HPV. Always consult your doctor before using it in cases like that though.