"Tim really goes into detail when you ask him a question and is very knowledgeable. The stuff you learn in the group is priceless."

David S

(5 customer reviews)


Coach Tim Healed Himself Naturally And For The Last 10 Years Has Dedicated His Life To Looking And Feeling As Young And Vibrant As Possible.

Now He Wants You To Do The Same.

If Your Tired Of All The B.S. Health Advice And You Want Someone That You Can Trust With Common Sense Who Will Show You Exactly How-To Have Kick Ass Health Then Tim Is The Coach For You!



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When the student is ready the teacher will appear… Are you ready?


  1. David

    Tim really goes into detail when you ask him a question and is very knowledgeable. The stuff you learn in the group is priceless.

  2. Edinson (verified owner)

    I’ve been into health for a long time. Tims knowledge is so vast I’m grateful for what he does & to be a part of his group coaching it saves me hours of research. I’ve been looking for something like this for years to the point I almost gave up on avoiding chemicals but now I feel like that passion has been reignited!

  3. ian robb (verified owner)

    Tim creates a refreshing space to do a deep-dive on optimal living. Gives simple steps & choices towards creating a healthier way of being, is outstanding with answering questions, and leaves you with the experience that you’re a part of something special. An outstanding value, I enjoy supporting Tim’s passion while receiving so much in return.

  4. Paul Bischoff (verified owner)

    At first I wasn’t planning on doing the private coaching. I was going to just figure it out by myself. Then I called the customer service to inquire about my order I placed. To my surprise Tim answered the phone. We started talking and I decided to give this a try. I am glad I did. There is so much information here I would have never gotten on my own. Tim answers all questions. He really know his stuff. This is not just another diet, this is a life style. The more information you can get the better your success rate.

  5. Rich Schlaack

    So much knowledge being passed along and only makes taking the products more effective. Tim really cares about the people who use his products. I learned about Tim on Sam Tripoli’s podcast and when I called to get help I was surprised to be talking to the man himself. You’ll learn something every time and he answers the questions you need answers to.

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