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Julie's Health Transformati​on

Meet Julie from Kenya. After moving to the US and
eating the Standard American Diet she found herself
sick, depressed and in pain.
Watch her amazing story and see what she did to turn
it all around and get super healthy!

Why "Naturally Occurring" is better than "Organic".

    Chemical Free Body 13 Core Values

  1. Help others Ignite their Highest Excitement in Life through Maximum Health!
  2. Simplify Health, Happiness & Longevity
  3. Educate the world about chemicals & toxins and give people solutions with chemical free options.
  4. Embrace and drive change by being the change. Live it!
  5. Build a positive community.
  6. Build open, respectful and honest relationships with communication.
  7. Be adventurous, creative and opened minded.
  8. Embrace daily detoxing, nutrition, exercise, good sleep and meditation in life.
  9. Pursue growth and learning.
  10. Be humble, compassionate and kind.
  11. Be confident and determined.
  12. Create fun and a little craziness.
  13. Do more with less.

After growing up on the Standard American Diet Tim found himself at the age of 37, thirty pounds overweight, tired, and with two separate skin issues. He also had chronic acid indigestion and just had surgery to remove one of his organs due to digestive issues.

Within 60 days of juicing greens, Tim lost 27 pounds, had no acid indigestion, one skin issue was completely gone, and he had boundless energy. Continuing on the green juice, eight months later the other skin condition was gone too and so was his digestive issues!

So inspired by his results, Tim started teaching classes on what he had learned. 4000 attendees later he realized that only 10% would stick with it due to the time and money involved to make the juice and clean up the mess.

Tim realized he had to make this easy for people to have success in the beginning and that’s when he created Chemical Free Body’s first supplement, GREEN 85 Juice Formula.

“I worked with a doctor to help me formulate a highly concentrated juice powder. I wanted it to be as close to fresh juice as possible while making it easy for people to drink!” Tim James