Publish Date: December 19, 2020
Health Heroes! ‍♀️
Everyday that passes Tim James and I are one step closer to having a completely RAW diet!
12 days left! ‍♀️
Let me tell you, these past few months have been a pretty big learning curve for me!
Just understanding what classifies something as Raw. Some companies have different standards for ‘what considers something raw” than others. Stocking and detoxifying my pantry with everything that I am going to need (and not need) as I move into this new lifestyle around food.
We are getting more and more excited as we move closer to the beginning of the year!
However, it has me realizing that going from cooked foods to Raw foods is (most likely) going to be a difficult transition. Not because raw food doesn’t taste good but because I’ve been conditioned in a certain way, and if I’ve been conditioned… then so have my taste buds.
So I thought what better way to transition to cooked foods to raw living foods than to have NO FOOD! Because in my experience of fasting, ANY food tastes good after having no food for any extended period of time.
Which means… on top of going Raw, we are going to kick off the New Year with a Juice Fast!
And we would love for you to join!!!
The group part of this challenge (we may take it longer… 10, 15, 20 days, which you are more than welcome to join in) is going to be a 5 day Juice Fast.
Not only is Fasting AMAZING for the body.. fasting cleanses our body of toxins and forces cells into processes that are not usually stimulated when a steady stream of fuel from food is always present. Fasting also…
  • Boosts cognitive performance
  • Protects from obesity and associated chronic diseases
  • Reduces inflammation
Fasting can also be a Deeply Spiritual experience if we give it the respect it deserves.
Did you know that there is compelling research being done that actually points to how our emotions are stored in our fat cells???
That’s why when we fast we can be extra emotional, because we are releasing old energies that have been stored and kept in the body. That is why we are here to support you throughout this process!
As we move into this New Year, this is a great opportunity to really be conscious about what we would like to manifest more of and what you would like to let go of.
✨So who is with us??? ✨
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