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This was exciting for me to make! This is a fun way to get Turmeric 100 into your life! 

Why do you want to be taking Turmeric 100?

One of the biggest health issues we face today is inflammation, especially on a cellular level.

When our cells are inflamed they cannot absorb nutrients properly and get rid of waste effectively. 

Cellular inflammation also blocks our hormones such as T3 & T4 thyroid hormones from being able to connect with the cell to communicate properly. We micronized (made super tiny particles) 250mg per serving of turmeric root extract (95% Curcuminoids) in this formula so it absorbs into the bloodstream through the mucous membrane in our mouth in just 30 seconds.  

It does not go through the digestive tract like most turmeric products therefore NO BLACK PEPPER IS NEEDED.  

This formula, in just 5 minutes will be reducing your cellular inflammation in the entire bloodstream. Then the blood takes the rest of the turmeric where it is needed for back pain, arthritis, headaches and anywhere else there is pain and inflammation.


The Turmeric Tart! ✨

To make this recipe… You’ll Need: 

For the Crust: 

🔅1 Cups Soaked and Sprouted Almonds

🔅1 Tbsp Sprouted Almond Butter 

🔅30 ML (⅛ Cup) Sprouted Almond Milk (Just Blend Nut Butter with Water) 

🔅3 Pitted Large Dates 

🔅1/4 Tsp Ceylon Cinnamon 

For the FIlling: 

🔅1 Cups Soaked and Sprouted Cashews 

🔅1/4 Cup Maple Syrup 

🔅1/4 Cup Sprouted Almond Milk 

🔅1 Vanilla Bean (Inside only) 

🔅4 Droppers of Turmeric 100

🔅1 Tsp Orange Oil 

For the Top: 

🔅Orange Slices 


〰️Put all the Crust ingredients in a food processor and blitz to a chunky paste, then press it into the bottom of a cake mold. Freeze for 1 hour before adding the filling. 

〰️Put all the Filling ingredients into a high speed blender and blend until thick and creamy. 

〰️Pour the filling ingredients into the cake mold and freeze for another 30 minutes. 

〰️And last but certainly not least! Add the orange slices on top of the creamy filling. 

〰️Freeze for 2 hours before serving or overnight. If you freeze it overnight, I like to put it at room temperature for about an hour before consuming. 

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as us!!!

~Coach Rebecca Wolf

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