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Do you have Green Bags for your produce?


One of people’s biggest complaints about buying lots of vegetables at a time is that they go bad before you get around to eating them. and every time they try to do good for themselves by getting more adventurous with eating more vegetables, but they find them rotten within days of purchasing. If you’re like those people…  then you need these in your life NOW! 


They have been a serious game changer for me and all the people closest to me. 


The way these green bags work is amazing! And after trying it with and without, I have seen a huge difference in the freshness of my vegetables!


How do they work?


“Inspired by ancient farming techniques that used the natural benefits of oya clay to preserve produce for extended periods, Evert Fresh created the original Green Bags – a solution for naturally prolonging the freshness of food.


Green Bags help your fresh produce fight the battle against ethylene gas – a byproduct given off by produce as it ripens. This gas is also responsible for accelerating the decay of food. Green Bags provide a completely natural method of removing ethylene gas from ripening fruits and vegetables. Now there’s a safe way to store food that naturally extends the life of your produce.


Green Bags are 100% completely safe for food storage and when used properly, can greatly increase the life of fresh produce. Green Bags are 100% non-toxic and are BPA free. Green Bags are made from a food grade film and may be recycled after use!”


We just added them to “Tim’s recommended products list!” under the Coaching Tab, Members Area, on the Chemical Free Body Website.


But you can also click the link below and get them here!


~Coach Rebecca Wolf

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