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We’ve been conditioned to be complacent and dependent on things/people outside of ourselves. 


One thing that I really like to bring awareness to is peoples “preparedness” 


Are you Prepared if anything were to happen?


Are You Prepared for No Running Tap Water? 


Are You Prepared for Not Being Able to Get Your Food Out and About?


Are you Prepared if Your Electricity Goes Out? 


Do you have a Plan with Loved Ones in Case Communication Gets Severed?


These are all good questions for you to ask yourself. Because It’s just a matter of time before one of these things could happen. 


Personally, I feel Way More Peace of Mind knowing that I am Prepared “Just In Case” anything were to happen. 


I’m not saying something WILL happen.. But In the world we live in… The odds are pretty good. 


It can be overwhelming when you start this thinking process. So you just have to start somewhere. 


A few Good places to start would be: 


  • Water. Getting Gallons of Water, Rain Catchers, Filters to Drink out of Streams. 
  • Wood/Fire Starters ( a way to keep warm) 
  • Back Up Food: Seeds for Sprouting Is Best (as these last the longest) Canned Goods, Bars, Seeds for Planting, ect. It’s a good idea to keep your food in airtight buckets, and to keep a list on the outside of expiration dates so you are rotating expiring foods out and replenishing it with fresher foods. 
  • Sprouting Kits 


You can get Organic Non GMO Seeds & Sprouting Kits HERE. 


Or go to Tim’s Recommended Products List on the Chemical Free Body Website. You will find it under the Coaching Tab in the Members Area.  


~Coach Rebecca Wolf 

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