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I’ve found working with people on one that the #1 thing people struggle with most is knowing what to eat. 

There is so much nutritional confusion going on that people are overwhelmed…

What is “Good” and what is “Bad”  

The best advice that I can give to people is to not complicate it. 

Start Simple. 

Focus on eating Whole Foods. 

Stop looking at food as “Good or Bad” and start looking at food as “Food and… Not Food” 

Food Grows in the ground, food is natural, it exists without us tampering with it. And while we have learned to work with these foods so that they may grow in more abundance, they exist in nature. 

Not Food is the stuff that we have created in labs. “Not Food” doesn’t exist in nature. “Not Food” is full of preservatives, chemicals, and shelf stabilizers. It exists because of well… Science. 

Instead of being overwhelmed with all the choices and confusing labels, I advise people to purchase items where you know what  every single ingredient is. 

Every meal you eat doesn’t need to be “perfectly balanced” 

Especially when you are just beginning your journey with eating a cleaner, healthier, conscious diet. 

Eat some veggies and a healthy dip. That can be a meal. 

Throw those Veggies in a bowl and grab a healthy dressing. 

Enjoy a bowl of fruit. That can be a meal. 

Keep it simple. 

Focus on Cleaning up your food choices. 

Once you’ve done that.. Trust that everything else will find its way. 

Because Love always finds a way. 

Happy Monday Everyone! 

I hope you crush your goals this week and wake up and feel good everyday! 

~Coach Rebecca Wolf

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