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Do you move your body daily?


Do you enjoy what you are doing to move your body daily? 


Believe it or not, the second question is the most important. 


Stressed Exercise (which has more to do with your state of mind while you exercise) is more detrimental than it is beneficial. 


When you are stressed exercising (exercising because you feel like you HAVE to) you raise your cortisol levels, putting your body into a fight or flight response. 


Which can actually become a breeding ground for all kinds of weight gain and diseases. 


The goal when moving your body is discovering what it is that you ENJOY doing. 


Movement can be such a blissful thing if we take the time to discover what it is that feels good to us. 


For some it’s dancing, yoga, primal movement, trail running, kettlebells, resistance training, strength training, HITT training, ect.


And what you enjoy doing changes just like the seasons so don’t become fixed on any particular thing.  


I truly believe that true happiness and liberation from movement is not about following any specific program, but rather uncovering your own internal flow. 


Connecting with your body in a way that becomes a form of expression of your innermost being.


Switch it up! 


Try new things! 


And follow the things that excite you! 


What do you enjoy most when it comes to movement?


~Coach Rebecca Wolf

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