Health Heroes! 🦸‍♀️

Can you do me a favor?

Please make a decision, right now.

An immediate choice that does not happen tomorrow, next Monday or on January 1st.

Right now, make a decision. 

What are you going to do in the next hour to get you closer to where you want to be?!

I know it’s the week of Christmas, BUT that doesn’t mean you should completely postpone all your goals!

I know that you’re busy and you’ve got a lot to do and that you are overwhelmed with expectations right now. I get it. However, I PROMISE you that eating all the peppermint bark or skipping your workout today is not going to make you feel any better or be more productive. Even if you simply decide to drink more water today or go on a walk, that’s an AMAZING choice.

During this time I make sure to tell everyone to focus on the little things that make them feel good. 

When you make a commitment to those little decisions over and over, they become healthy habits that turn into lasting results!

Don’t settle for a quality of life that’s far below what you deserve.

Make commitments not excuses (even during the holidays). 

Wake up early, make your bed, make some coffee, make a plan, go to the gym, put that 8th Christmas cookie down, make someone smile and make yourself proud.

If you want to make 2022 the best year yet, finish 2021 as positive as possible.

You deserve it. 

Let’s end this year stronger than we expected to and enter 2022 with a clear vision of what we want for ourselves! 

Happy Holidays everyone!

We love you! ❤️

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