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Have you ever experienced that feeling when you step away from journaling and return again?

It feels awkward. It’s as if your own voice feels foreign.

One thing that I really love about journaling is the self expression aspect. 

So many people these days are so bottled up and not enough of us have an unbiased person to talk to about what’s alive in us at any given moment.

Oftentimes when we just need someone to listen and just be with us in our experience while we navigate what we need we are instead given advice we don’t necessarily need or want, and not to mention bad advice…

That’s where journaling can be such a powerful tool!

To get in touch and become aware of your innermost thoughts and feelings. To develop Emotional Intimacy.

Believe it or not so many people have no idea which emotions are which when they arise because they have never been given the tools or developed the awareness around understanding what is going on inside of them.

We’ve been so conditioned to always look on this outside for answers.

Another thing I love about journaling is that it helps you get clear on what you really want. 

Did you know that a large majority of people go through life never knowing what they are deeply passionate about. It’s easy to get locked in this cyclical “get up and do it again” way of living. When we ask ourselves new questions and start digging deeper into why we do the things we do and what we really want from this life, that’s when amazing things start to happen! We become aware. And all conscious change begins in awareness. 

Are you new to journaling?

Here are some tips to keep in mind when journaling for your mental health: 

try to express your thoughts and emotions.

write judgment-free and avoid censoring.

write in a stream of consciousness.

Ask questions! One of my favorite questions I like to assign to my clients is “what is something that I have been lying to myself about?” every time you ask yourself the same questions you go deeper and deeper. 

I love to create a ritual around journaling. Lite a candle, burn some Palo Santo. Lather myself in some essential oils, make a cup of tea, meditate, and do some intentional breathing around bringing my energy into my heart space.

Do you have a journal already? Share your thoughts and experiences below! Share with us how journaling has helped you!

~Coach Rebecca Wolf

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