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To me doing the liver gallbladder flushes represent so much more than cleaning out the body. 


To me when those stones leave my body.. I envision years of unconscious toxic thoughts, behaviors, and habits leaving my body. 


Because that’s EXACTLY what they are. 


Years of self sabotage and abuse. 


Years of eating the worst of the worst when it came to processed foods and later secretly throwing it up. 


I share my story openly now because I recognize that overeating is a HUGE challenge for most people. 


To be honest, I only know a handful of people that don’t overeat. 


I’m not here to make you feel bad about overeating… in fact I’m here to tell you that overeating isn’t the problem at all… It’s a symptom. 


It’s your body’s way of signaling to you that you are not fully present. 


You are off in “La La Land” thinking about being somewhere else other than the present moment. 


So the first bit of advice I give my One-On-One coaching clients is… 


Recognize the initial trigger of the overeating, the feeling and sensation of it. 


It comes from an unconscious place, so it takes time to build your awareness of the behavior. 


View that awareness as a muscle that you are exercising. 

Every time you exercise it, it gets stronger. 


That awareness is the doorway through it. ✨


And to tie all of this back into the deeper meaning I am finding with doing these Liver and Gallbladder Flushes… 


The Gallstones that accumulate in our bodies are created out of those unconscious places. 


Not knowing the harm we subject our bodies to by being careless about what we put into our bodies. 


To me the Liver and Gallbladder Flush is a Reflection of my own waking up… (becoming conscious)  ✨


It’s me consciously pulling those old unconscious parts of myself out of my body, because they don’t belong to me. They go far beyond my lifetime, my parents lifetime, their parents lifetime. We have been conditioned and programmed to think (or to not think) for thousands of years. 


But now, In this lifetime I can be confident in knowing that those old behaviors will not continue with me. They stop in me.


And that feels so effing GOOD!!! 


Happy Easter Everyone! (whatever that means for you) 


Don’t eat what the Bunny put in the basket  


Your liver and gallbladder will thank you!


(Also, for anyone who is curious… These were my results after my 2nd Flush. That big stone is the size of a quarter! )


If you have any questions, drop them below!!

~Coach Wolf

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