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“Create a life that feels good on the inside not just one that looks good on the outside” 

Believe it or not, the fitness industry is not a true representation of health. 

These days the gym is more about looking good then it is about feeling good. 

Don’t believe me?

Look at what they’re selling.

One of the main reasons that I decided to leave the fitness industry and partner with Tim is because the deeper I became involved in the gym’s “way of doing things”  The more I realized that it was more about profit then truly helping others become healthier. 

This became clear to me when I looked at what was being sold on the shelves and became aware of what advice trainers were giving others on their nutrition. 

It was more about reaching goals than it was about true health. 

Trainers train you to look at food as calories, carbs, and fats rather than whole fresh nourishing ingredients. 

The shelves are full of toxic chemicals, whey protein, synthetic fillers, and clothing made from crude oil. 

Where are the health books, green drinks, and high quality vitamins?

Back in the day supplementation was a luxury. Now it’s a necessity because of all of the vitamins and minerals that have been farmed out of the soil. 

Why isn’t this being taught? And most importantly why aren’t there these items on the shelves at the place we go to “become healthier?” 

Personally, I love challenging the system and I love bringing awareness around these things. 

I am that person that walks into the gym and talks about why we are all wearing makeup and how we’ve been so deeply conditioned by society. Haha 

Because talking about it is the only way things are going to change. 

I hope you all have a stress free week this week! 

Don’t forget to get outside and play! 

~Coach Rebecca Wolf 

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