Mothers… we all have one, if you clicked on this blog, that means your mom is in for a real treat!Moms all over the world will be celebrated for their greatness to raise children, run households, and to have successful careers, all while showering their family with unconditional love.Regardless of what you bring to your mother this year, she probably will say that she loves it. Maybe you have an idea of what she needs, but figuring out what will genuinely delight or serve her can be a little more of a mystery. With this in mind, we asked our mom friends: What do moms really like? Here are the 3 top answers we received:

Moms love Quick and Easy because there is not enough time and they are continuously interrupted.Moms would like to have more energy to get them through the day like a superwoman.Moms would love a little more time just to relax! A bit better and/or more sleep.

Simple huh? Whether you’re looking for something small and symbolic or working with a sibling-combined budget, here are some no-fail items that will definitely surprise her in a good way.

– On the self-care side: A lovely silky smooth eye mask, a set of natural and fragrant hand-made soaps, beautiful aromatherapy candles, the ultimate skin care natural product, nourishing herbal masks, a massage pack or a spa day.

– For the always trendy moms: A beautiful roomy purse from her favorite brand, a soft stylish new scarf, a cardigan on neutral colors easy to throw on between errands, a sun hat to protect her from the rays while she gardens, can’t go wrong with a timeless piece of jewelry like earrings or a bracelet.

– For the never-stop moms: These moms are looking for an energy boost and getting fit for summer. We made it super easy for them to increase energy and lose those extra pounds accumulated from winter at a special price. The Love Bundle From contains Green 85 Juice Formula an all-in-one energy booster, Gut Cleanse Plus for a spring detox to jumpstart weight loss and Probiotic Spores Formula to rebuild gut health and to make sure your momma is healthy and strong for more years to come!

However you choose to treat your mom this year, there is one thing that all momma’s agreed on: The best present they had is their children! And there is no better present than to feel that they are close, loved, healthy and thriving. So don’t forget to give your momma a call, send her a letter, give her some flowers, go visit her and look at the family albums together! Talk to her a lot, ask her questions about memories when you were a baby, listen and just spend time connecting.

Like many mothers today, my mom was a victim of breast cancer in her early fifties. I saw her struggle, going through barbaric surgeries and rounds of chemo. She was very strong physically but the stress and fear many times took over her. Her early departure made me feel guilty and frustrated for many years to come.

I know this could be your case too, and maybe mother’s day has a big dose of melancholia and nostalgia. Well, there is one thing I certainly know and probably is the best way to honor all mommas in heaven. She always said that she wouldn’t want me to be sad ever, in fact, to be always happy and healthy for her.

After 9 years of her passing, not one day has gone by that I didn’t think about her. The feelings of sadness that I felt have slowly transformed into more nourishing feelings of joy and well being.

Whether your mom is in this world or in heaven, I believe that the ultimate mother’s day gift is giving your mom the peace of mind of knowing that you are taking care of yourself.

She always wants you to be happy and healthy…

Happy Mothers Day! ❤

Author,Lili JooCertified Health Coach@lilirawliving

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