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What are your Non-Negotiables? 

Working with people one on one I’ve noticed that it’s hard for people when they fall off, to jump right back on. 

There needs to be an in between. That’s where our Non-Negotiables come in. 

My Non-Negotiables are…

1.) Drinking my Green 85 before any other morning beverage.

2.) Exercising.

3.) Doing the Sauna Daily.

Just doing those three things ensure me that I stay on track to some degree, and having those things in place at all times makes it easier to jump back into a routine. 

Things are always going to come up that are going to test us, and challenge our deeper desire to be healthy. Holidays, spending time with family, socializing with friends, traveling, ect. 

I say embrace these challenges by having those Non-Negotiables in place.

And remember the goal is not perfection!

Be gentle with yourself and return again. It’s okay to fall away, just return. And return again. You’ll find yourself returning sooner and sooner and maybe eventually never falling away again. 

It took time to condition yourself to be this certain way so allow yourself the ease and grace of conditioning yourself to be another way. One that serves you. 

You are worthy. 

I hope to see you all at group coaching tonight! 

~Coach Rebecca Wolf

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