Are you looking to have more Vitamin G in your life? 

Vitamin G is often a key, missing nutrient in our nutritional game plan. 

What is Vitamin G? 


Vitamin G has some really interesting side effects… 

It changes us, it enlightens us, it relaxes us, it changes our perspective, it reminds us that we have way more than we might have realized. 

Make a list and write down all of the things that you are grateful for. This can be big, like repairing a relationship with someone close to you, or small like switching your toothpaste to something that isn’t poisoning you on a regular basis! 

The point of having a gratitude practice is to shift our attention away from what we don’t have, and onto what we DO have. 

This is the difference between living a life of prosperity rather than living in a state of lack. 

As humans, we have a tendency to be really hard on ourselves and to always expect more. Which to some degree is what helps us to keep growing and strive for more, but on a moment to moment basis sometimes this can be detrimental. 

One thing that I like to practice on a regular basis is recognizing and celebrating how far I’ve come. 

Otherwise, I Forget. And a huge part of having a spiritual practice is about Remembrance. 

To me, this is vital to my day to day Peace, Joy and Happiness.  

When I put how far I’ve come into practice it allows me to show up more deeply for the people around me, with the understanding that we all start somewhere, and any little bit of growth is to be celebrated. 

Because if you don’t consciously celebrate it…. Who will? 

Let’s take full responsibility over our life and not wait around for others to recognize and celebrate us. Looking for any form of outside validation is a recipe for dissatisfaction and unease. No one and I mean NO ONE can show up as deeply as we need than our own self. 

So make that list, and maybe make it again, maybe practice making this list every night. 

You’ll be amazed by how this practice feels in your life! 

Give it a try! 

What do you have to lose? 

Whether you celebrate or not, this holiday is a thing, and you can make this day about anything you want! I choose to make it about expressing my gratitude to others. 

Happy Thanksitude! (as Tim puts it) 😆


~Coach Rebecca Wolf

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