"I have lost weight and decreased my waist in only a month and am back to feeling healthy in my gut."
Kristoff - WEIGHT LOSS BUNDLE Customer

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This bundle contains 4 unique products that you will ONLY find at Chemical free Body and are all designed to either clean out the gut, heal the gut, or restore the healthy bacteria.

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The gut microbiome has been a hot-button topic lately, as we begin to understand the connection between our diet, our digestion, our microbiome as relates to our overall health. The gut is vital for optimal health, and our guts are being destroyed by the chemicals, food, water, and whatever else we ingest. It’s time we take back our health, starting with our gut! Many leading medical experts have finally understood and realized what we’ve known for years that a healthy gut is essential to truly be healthy. But what is a healthy gut?

This is where the Gut Biome Bundle comes in! This bundle contains 4 unique products that you will ONLY find at Chemical free Body and are all designed to either clean out the gut, heal the gut, or restore the healthy bacteria. The Gut Detox cleans all the funk, gunk, and junk out of the gut, up to 15 pounds of it! The Electric Silver Solution wipes out any yeast, mold, or harmful bacteria from the gut. The Super Soldier reduces gut inflammation and increases nutrient absorption, as well as improves overall gut flora. Finally, the Pre/Probiotics restore the healthy bacteria flora back to the gut that we know is crucial for healthy gut and body function.

Gut Detox uses an ancient formula that gently micro cleanses the gut to remove everything that’s built up over months or years. Most people have 6-12 pounds of impacted fecal material, and that’s weighing us down and preventing us from absorbing the nutrients from our food. Becoming less toxic and creating a lifestyle that supports a pure body is important to maintain proper gut health, and in turn a healthy gut biome.

Electric Silver Solution is a breakthrough technology that takes silver to another level while making it ultra safe and effective. It naturally cleanses bad bacteria, yeast and mold like a champion, which all tend to build up and live in the gut. The 30 ppm silver is bonded to alkaline, restructured water and charged with 910 Terahertz frequency. Structured water itself neutralizes toxins, bond silver to it and you have a gut cleansing powerhouse!

Super Soldier is great for the gut because of the powerful fulvic acid. Fulvic acid has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body, and when ingested it specifically targets inflammation in the gut. Studies were done that show fulvic acid as improving the amount of certain strains of bacteria in the guts of fish, and studies are in the works for the effects on humans. Fulvic acid also increases effective nutrient absorption by increasing digestive enzyme activity. There are also studies underway showing the effectiveness of fulvic acid when combined with probiotics to treat certain gut disorders, and may have antiulcerogenic effects.

Our Pre/Probiotics are extremely important in this whole process as they resupply the healthy bacteria that your gut is missing. Unless you are eating fermented foods and drinks regularly, you likely need to be taking a quality probiotic. What makes our Pre/Probiotics special is that they are spore-based. This means that instead of ingesting live bacteria and hoping they get through the digestive system to the gut, they easily make it to the gut where the fiber of the capsules feed them, and they grow and thrive in the gut. Most probiotics on the market aren’t spore based, and that means they are not nearly as effective as they should be. Taking the Pre/Probiotics in combination with eating quality homemade fermented foods is the best way to fast-track building back up your gut microbiome!

Preclinical and clinical studies have shown bidirectional interactions within the brain-gut-microbiome axis. Gut microbes communicate to the central nervous system through at least 3 parallel and interacting channels involving nervous, endocrine, and immune signaling mechanisms. That means the gut plays a major factor in the total function of the human body, and not just for digestion. There is more and more research that is showing the connection of the gut biome, the microbiome and neurological diseases, chronic diseases, diabetes and obesity.