"Hands down best probiotic & prebiotic product. My gut health has improved tremendously."
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Probiotic spores as found in CFB Probiotics™ are designed to survive through the stomach gastric system and then colonize proficiently to support the gut microbiome. Get your gut back on track and prevent gas and bloating with this amazing formula!

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Spores make a potent impact in the gut since the spore population in the gut is low enough that the 5 billion spores added each day through CFB Probiotics™ will make a potent impact on the systems in the gastrointestinal tract to create beneficial effects. Spores help to police and defend the gut from unwanted microbes and to support the growth of the natural species found in each individual.  Normally a mega dose spore culture consortium formula with broad-spectrum activity has not been available, but now it is!


Published research shows that spores, like those found in CFB Probiotics™ when used as a probiotic supplement may offer the following benefits:

Immune modulation to reduce allergies and asthma.

Immune stimulation of peripheral T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes to fight colds, flus and infections.

Decrease in frequency of urinary tract infections.

Reduction in side effects related to antibiotic therapy.

Effective treatment for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).

Diminished duration of diarrhea in children 3 to 36 months of age

Reduced incidence of irritable bowel syndrome diarrhea.

Immune response to adenovirus and influenza-A in-vitro.

Improvement in pain scale in Rheumatoid arthritis patients .

Reduces the inflammation associated with Crohn’s disease, IBS, ulcerative colitis.

Improved growth of the natural flora.

Improved digestion of food and a thus improved nutrient absorption.

Production and absorption of critical nutrients – i.e. carotenoids, quinols, vitamins and enzymes.

Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

Reduction of cholesterol.

Detoxification of the intestinal tract.

A healthy body starts with a healthy gut.  Recent studies have shown that many commercially sold probiotic supplements are ineffective at boosting the immune system, 70% of which is in the digestive tract. Oral supplementation with commonly sold products also does not change the composition of bacteria in your digestive tract. Studies from the Human Microbiome Project and world leading probiotic experts, have found that in order for a supplemented probiotic to be beneficial for its host it must:

Be an organism that naturally exists in the gut already.

Be supplemented in a higher concentration than what naturally exists in the gut.

Be able to survive the harsh environment of the stomach acid and upper digestive tract.

Should naturally occur in our environment and be stable in both the gut and the environment.

Lactobacillus sp. and Bifidobacter sp. dominate the marketplace as the most frequently used probiotic strains. It is true that these are naturally occurring bacteria in the intestinal tract, but they are not designed to exist and thrive outside of the gut and are thus destroyed by the stomach acid and bile salts when supplemented orally. These bacteria are not found in our environment because they have not evolved for life outside the gut, and therefore they are not natural probiotics. They also exist in numbers that exceed 20 trillion cells in the digestive tract, and so supplementation with even 100 billion cells would not be enough to get the desired immune stimulation.

The Solution is Spores:

Bacillus spores are the most widely prescribed prescription probiotics in the world. They have been studied extensively in human clinical trials and have a very long history of use. In addition, they:

Are a normally occurring organism in the gut

Exist with a typical population of about 2 million cells so supplementing 4 billion is a much higher concentration than what naturally exists in the gut which will cause the stimulation we require for the probiotic effect.

Are robust and survive the harsh environment of the stomach acid 100% intact

What spores are present in CFB Probiotics™ ?

CFB Probiotics™ contains 5 pure grade strains that each have a unique function and thus contribute to the overall effectiveness of the product.  Amount per serving: Proprietary Probiotic Blend: 5 Billion Spore Cells

1) Bacillus Indicus is a carotenoid rich probiotic. Carotenoids do not survive the gastric system well. This amazing spore produces carotenoids in the digestive tract at the site where they are absorbed. Highly bioavailable forms of lycopene, astaxanthin, zeaxanthin, beta carotene and lutein are manufactured by Bacillus Indicus making CFB Probiotics™ a unique source of this spore. 

2) Bacillus Clausii – This strain is one of the largest selling strains of prescription probiotic in the world. We are making this strain available to the dietary supplement industry and to healthcare professionals. Bacillus Clausii is recommended for use during antibiotic treatment due to its ability to resist damage from a variety of common antibiotics. 

3) Bacillus Subtilis  – Bacillus Subtilis has been extensively studied on a genetic and functional level. One function of Bacillus Subtilis is its ability to produce nearly 12 strong antibiotics that are potent fighters of opportunistic and harmful bacteria. Bacillus Subtilis helps to prevent harmful bacteria growth in a variety of conditions. In addition, Subtilis produces a very healthy compound called Nattokinase. Nattokinase is secreted from vegetative cells of Bacillus subtilis and has been shown to reduce blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and reduce excessive clotting by fibrinolysis. Along with Nattokinase, Bacillus subtilis also produces a number of other nutrients that have systemic health benefits such as B vitamins and Vitamin K2. Bacillus subtilis can function for the fighting off of pathogenic bacteria and producing key nutrients in the gut itself.  Also, Subtilits is a potent immune stimulator. It has the function of germinating in the small intestines to some degree and this offers the effect of broad-spectrum immune stimulation.

4) Bacillus Licheniformis – A probiotic often found with Bacillus subtilis and other bacillus species, licheniformis has been shown to have a profound effect of preventing the growth of harmful bacteria via the production of a common antibiotic called bacitracin. It is also a potent immune stimulator. Another very important feature of bacillus licheniformis is its ability to produce highly effective and stable protease enzymes in the gut that assist in the digestion and absorption of proteins. Licheniformis also produces the whole spectrum of B vitamins in the gut including folic acid and biotin and acts as an important nutrient factory in the digestive system.

5) Bacillus Coagulans – A very well studied probiotic in the spore family that has a profound effect on inflammatory conditions such as IBS and Crohn’s. Bacillus coagulans offers help to control these common inflammatory bowel conditions in addition to its potent immune boosting activity. Coagulans has the unique attribute of producing lactic acid and specifically the L+ optical isomer of lactic acid, which has been shown to have a more profound effect on immune stimulation and gut defense than the other forms of lactic acid produced by conventional probiotics. Coagulans also plays a key role in digestion of food and absorption of nutrients. In fact, Coagulans can digest incoming fat to reduce the uptake of cholesterol. Coagulans adds another dimension to gut health giving it a potent ability to fight inflammatory conditions, aid in digestion and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.





1st Week: Take 1 capsule every other day

2nd Week: Take 1 capsule everyday

3rd Week+: Take 2 capsules daily


What Makes these probiotics special compared to others?

Our Probiotics are spore-based probiotics. This means that instead of ingesting live bacteria, you are ingesting the spores that grow into bacteria. Spores make it through the stomach and into the gut much easier than live bacteria. Most live bacteria is destroyed by the stomach acid, while the spores survive and make it to the gut where they then feed on the rice flour which is the “prebiotic” in the product. Prebiotics are essentially food for the bacteria to feed on and grow.


Because gut health is foundational for your overall health, the foods that we have available nowadays many times lack probiotics and enzymes which are vital for balanced digestion, eliminating bloating, regular bowel movement, weight loss, giving a super boost to your immune system and energy levels. And lets not forget the GUT-BRAIN connection. Happy Gut = Happy Brain.  You will really enjoy the enhanced mental clairty and feeling of happiness that comes from a healthy gut!