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Who doesn’t like Peanut Butter Fudge??


I have a super simple, refined sugar free, clean and minimal ingredient recipe for you! 


It’s so yummy my friends & family has been begging me for more! 


All you need is 4 ingredients:


2 Cups Desiccated Organic Coconut Flakes 

½ Cup Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil

1 Cup Organic Peanut Butter (ingredients should be just peanuts and salt) 

3-4 Tbsp Organic Maple Syrup (you can also use Coconut Nectar) 


Food Processor

Loaf Pan

Parchment Paper




〰️Put Desiccated Coconut Flakes in a food processor for 4 minutes until it turns into coconut butter (scrape sides as needed) 

〰️Meanwhile Melt coconut oil and mix together with peanut butter 

〰️Slowly add mixture to the coconut butter (with food processor on) 

〰️Then slowly add in your maple syrup!

〰️Transfer mixture into a loaf man (line with parchment paper) then freeze for about 20-30 min, until mixture has hardened. 

〰️Cut into desired size pieces and Voila!! ✨


Now, I know it’s going to be hard but try to not eat the whole thing in one sitting! 


~Coach Wolf

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