You thought yay! I’m finally getting use to these new healthy Foods, I’m feeling awesome inside and out. Well here is your next assignment: Food Combining!
It plays an important role for Optimal Digestion, when we eat the ultimate goal is to nourish with the most nutrient-dense, easily digestible foods, allowing quick absorption of nutrients and efficient elimination of waste.
Even when we think we are eating healthy, vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, paleo etc, the combination of foods that are in our plates can either help or ruin the Digestive Process.
Here are your 5 Golden Rules for Food Combining:
1. Never eat Protein with Starchy Carbohydrates
Each group goes well with vegetables, but not at the same meal. Protein needs acidic juices and Starchy Carbohydrates need alkaline fluids to break them down. When acidic and alkaline juices mix they tend to neutralize each other, the result: digestion is impaired and incomplete. Meat and potatoes, cereal with milk, nut butter sandwiches (pb& j’s), grains and nuts (found in granola) are all examples of bad food combining.
2. Never eat Fruits and Veggies together

They digest at different rate, if consumed together they can cause back up in the digestive system and produce gas and bloating.
3. Avoid drinking with your meal

What! crazy right? but drinking liquids during your meals, dilutes the digestive juices and enzymes so needed for optimal digestion. Drink 15-30 min before a meal or 2 hours after.
4. Eat Raw Foods first

Eating raw foods first contributes enzymes to the digestion of cooked foods that follows.
5.Consume only Ripe Fruits

Unripe fruits (mostly all that are industrially grown, the ones you see at the supermarkets) take what it needs to ripen from our bodies minerals, enzymes, water etc.
In conclusion if you apply some of this rules of Food Combining along with chewing your food untilliquefiedyou are on your way to optimal digestion. Chewing your food thoroughly also makes the food tastier and you will feel very satisfied, eventually no overeating will contribute to loose the extra pounds we have always been wanting to get rid of. These simple changes lead to big improvements on your digestive tract and nutrient absorption.
Yours in health,
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