Detoxification is the process by which the body eliminates toxins from it cells. Animal products, processedfoods filled with chemical pollutants etc, are discharged from the cells, organs, arteries and veins into the bloodstream for removal from the body.About 60% of accumulated waste is released in the first 7 days of Detox and it could go up to 2+ weeks, yes you will worsebefore you feel better but don’t worry these are generally signs of Healing.Some symptoms of detox are: skin eruptions, increased thirst, cravings, constipation, diarrhea, insomnia, nervousness, fatigue,fever flu symptoms, nausea, weakness, frequent urination, nightmares, loss of appetite among few others.Here are your 6 Major Elimination Organs and the 6 steps to take for making your Detox Easier: 1. Colon: Is the Solid Waste management organ in the body. Cleaning the colon is not easy, many times we can be carrying many poundsof impacted matter. TIP: Take Colon Hydrotherapies, is a gentle internal bath with warm purified water conducted by a therapist.Helps to eliminate stored fecal matter, gas, mucus and toxins from the colon.2. Kidneys: They deal with fluid management. Filtering out the dissolved acid wastes and keeping the chemistry of the blood alkaline. TIP: Drink at least half of your weight (lb.) in oz of purified water and Fresh Alkaline Juices (50%Cucumber and Celery, 50% Sunflower and Pea sprouts, you can replace with Dark Leafy Greens)3. Liver: Sorts the toxins and sends them to the appropriate organ for elimination, but if it’s backed up, it redirects the overflow ofthe toxins. TIP: Wheatgrass implants (4oz of fresh pressed wheatgrass juice in a enema bag hold it for as much as you can15min is the goal) help the liver pull toxins out of the blood quicker.4. Lungs: Purifies the oxygen which in turn feeds the blood. TIP: Deep Breathing, Find a oxygen rich environment such near the ocean orforest in which you can perform aerobic exercises.5. Lymph: These glands (appendix, spleen, thymus and tonsils) transport waste to the cells and major organs where it’s eliminated. TIP: Regular Massages tohelp dilute and transport the toxins though the body, lots of fluids and regular exercise.6.Skin: It’s the largest surface area, acts as a back up for other elimination organs. TIP: Dry Skin Brushing in direction to our heart and massages encouragethe skin to breath, prepare and release.

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