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“Nothing reveals us as powerfully as our relationship with food. We ingest food many times a day and always in accordance with lack or trust. We nourish either our lack or our trust. When we are calm, peaceful, and trusting, we consume enough to sustain our light, but when we are restless and frightened, we feed the imemine (ego.) One of the most powerful awareness exercises we can undertake is to simply observe our diet.”


Have you ever thought about using your relationship with food as a way to deepen your awareness around yourself and your relationship with your own life?


Do you experience food from a place of scarcity or lack? 

Or do you experience it from a place of trust and nourishment?

Do you experience life from a space of wholeness? Or do you constantly feel like there is something missing?


These are all questions to help develop a deeper awareness around how you show up in your life moment by moment. 


When we feel like something is missing we are always looking for some form of outside validation, sometimes we even turn to food for validation. When we stuff ourselves, it gives up a glimpse of fullness. 

But fullness and wholeness and not the same thing. Fullness is momentary, wholeness is infinite. Fullness needs something on the outside to come and fill it, while wholeness is a state of being. 

Wholeness is looking at our life from the bigger picture perspective. It is trusting that you have everything that you could possibly need right now in this moment. It is trusting in the raveling and unraveling of every moment. It is knowing that everything that is happening is happening for a reason, and it’s all providing you with perfect contrast as you learn and grow deeper into this life. 


When we come from a place of scarcity or lack we think things are happening to us, instead of being invited by us. We think we need more and more and more to truly be happy and fulfilled. We think that “when I get this..” or “when this happens..” i’ll be  happy. 


The more that I dive into nutrition, the more I realize that Our Relationship with Food is a perfect tool for seeing how we are showing up in every moment. Every time we eat, we are supporting something much larger than ourselves. We are supporting and nourishing growth and expansion or we are participating in mindless old ways of being that are destroying the very soil we live on. 


When you eat next, check in with yourself before you start. 


Are you eating just to eat?

Are you eating to fill a void of some sort?

Do you feel like something is missing and by eating this meal you will feel better?

Are you fueling your body with the highest quality of ingredients?

Why not?

Do you avoid truly ever knowing what your food is made of?



Our path home to ourselves, starts with asking yourself the right questions. Self inquiry is essential in knowing who you are deep down at the core of your being. There are no right or wrong answers. There is only truth. 


But you should know that truth… doesn’t always feel good. Sometimes the truth can hurt. But when we are honest with ourselves, that truth is fueled and supported by love. And love is always the end result of becoming 100% transparent and honest with ourselves. 


And at the end of the day… who doesn’t want more love in their life???


To me that’s what being a good coach is all about. Asking the right questions and guiding you back to your true self. All of which can be explored through your relationship with food. 


Do you have any questions? Share and Comment Below! 


~Coach Wolf   

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