Health Heroes! ‍♀️ 

What’s one thing you can say eating cleaner and healthier has done for you?

I can say that in my experience it’s made me become more of a conscious human being.

It’s has me questioning my actions.

How I show up in the world…

What I am supporting?

What I am cultivating more of?

As I take, am I giving back?

For me this is such an important aspect that I believe gets left out a lot of the time. 

Why we do the things we do. 

And what does that look like from the bigger picture perspective.

Today, some information came to me from a close friend of mine. It was about eggs. The past couple months I’ve allowed eggs back into my diet, and what I learned today. Has me wanting to go without them again. ‍♀️

I thought “well yeah, commercially produced eggs are terrible, I can’t support that.” So then I started buying from local organic farms. ‍♀️

But I received a new perspective. We don’t look at chickens as animals anymore. We don’t care for them like we care for our dogs and cats. We expect. We want chickens to produce for us. We look at them as a resource, instead of the beautiful animals they are co-existing on this amazing planet of ours.

But what I learned about today is how we have completely changed the way a chicken functions. They are becoming more weak and fragile because we just keep taking… ☹️ 

It’s not as simple as looking at food as “good” food “bad” food. 

Food is not “good” or “bad”… those are labels we place on them. 

Moralistically food can’t be “good” or “bad” 

Food is Food! It’s a neutral prop. ✨

But how we cultivate food can be “good” or “bad” for our own health reasons and for reasons involving other living creatures and the environment. 

Looking at the “bigger picture” perspective this has always been the #1 reason for me of why I chose healthy. It actually has very little to do with myself at the end of the day. In fact it feels very selfless. 

For me it’s about restoring Mother Nature to the way she was, so that she may continue to give..

So tell me… in a world where we could choose anything… What’s your #1 reason for choosing Healthy?? 

Comment below!  

Till next time! ✨ 

~Coach Wolf

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