Health Heroes! 

Lately, a lot of people have been coming to me and saying that they are lacking the will power to get up and be active everyday.

And I get it. We work hard, we’re tired as it is. The last thing we want to do is exert more energy. But exercise doesn’t take energy, it creates it. 

I challenge these people to look at it this “lack of willpower” from a different angle.
Instead of viewing it from a state of lack (what they don’t have) look for what you DO have.

Do you have an earnest desire to be healthy? To support our environment? Alright, how can we work towards that? It’s not about all or nothing. It’s about baby steps. It’s about working towards something, and the mini accomplishments along the way.

Motivation is like a garden, you water it daily. ? You don’t plant seeds one day and expect there to be full grown plants the next. ?

I suggest pulling the resources around you (like plants do with soil) to help build/create the motivation to work towards a healthier more vibrant YOU.

In the same way plants are supported by there environment, so are we! 

-Use friends/family to hold you accountable. Create a check in system.
-Music. Create playlists that get you excited to get up and move.
-Write it down. Visualization is a powerful tool, use it!
-Don’t compare! Comparison leads to feelings of inadequacy. Just don’t go there! Again, it’s not about what you lack, it’s about what what’s available to you.

Who’s with me? Let’s set a goal and Watch it grow!?

~Coach Wolf

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