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Often times people think that when they are making a commitment they are making a commitment to somebody else, but the reality is your actually making a commitment with yourself!  ‍♀️

“Commitment is to commit to yourself and honor your own purpose and goals.

This fuses the heat of awareness, the joy of responsibility, and the resolution of purpose.

Commitment is the Holy Grail of trustworthiness and prosperity. 

The moment you commit to yourself, the universe takes you seriously and your permission to flourish is maximized.

Commitment is an agreement forged by the heart. 

When you keep your commitments, you are trustworthy..♥️ ♥️

When you live in accordance with your commitments, you unify and strengthen your character.” ‍⚖️ ~Gudni Gunnarsson 

When you make a commitment, you are trusting yourself in knowing that if difficulty or struggle arises you are more than Capable and Willing to work through it. ‍

To me, this is what true confidence is!

When you commit you are aligning yourself with your own inner strength, wisdom, integrity, and discipline.

Sit with this… and Ask yourself… ‍♀️

Are you ready to take a step towards yourself and commit?

I am!!! ✨

Till next time ✨

~Coach Wolf

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