Are you Vegan?

Are you Vegan?

Health Heroes! 

Are you Vegan?⁣ 

I get asked this question a lot. And although I enjoy great vegan food and don’t really consume meat, my answer is “plant based”.⁣

While 90% of what I eat is Vegan, I don’t consider myself Vegan. I still consume eggs from time to time and on rare occasion may have some seafood from time to time.⁣

So, Why plant based? ⁣?

The Harvard Professional follow up study and Harvard Nurses’ Health study looking at lifespan and diet both linked red meat consumption to a remarkable shorter life span, which included increased cancer mortality, heart disease mortality and overall mortality. ⁣?

If you don’t know about this already there are tons of documentaries out there!
Fed up
What the Health
Fork Over Knifes
Game Changers

Do your research. 

Discover the truth. 

Then, make a conscious decision on what is right for you! ?

~Coach Wolf

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