How does the love of your life look like? Does it look like the person sitting right next to you every night? Or does it look like it only exists in a Hollywood movie or in your dreams? Whether or not you are in a relationship with another human being, to attract the love you want, the first person that should be “the love of your life” is yourself!

What is it like to love yourself? When you love yourself unconditionally, and you put yourself first. When you have respect for your body and mind, and when you take action towards the things that make you happy without depending on others.

What is it like not to love yourself? When you have harsh words towards yourself like “I’m so stupid” or “I’m worthless.”, When you are not in love with what you see in the mirror every day because you like to compare yourself to others. When you don’t recognize your results and see how far you have come. When you don’t take action towards your fantastic ideas.

You can have everything you have ever dreamt of in the “love” area: the fun and excitement of when you first meet somebody, the “high” feeling of being in love, the easiness, the partnership, everything! Even if you are currently struggling with a relationship or if you are ready to start a new relationship with another person, no matter where you are if you try the 3 following steps you will attract all the love and respect you want in your life!

STEP #1- Love yourself first before anybody else: Know your value, there is only one of you on planet Earth, and you are terrific, you do unique things for others that nobody else does so you are worthy! And for you analytical people it’s just simple physics, you exist therefore you have a purpose in this world otherwise you wouldn’t live. That’s why you should take care of yourself first with a morning routine. A morning routine is intended to charge you up with good thoughts and feelings for the whole day! Maybe it is taking 5 minutes of having your favorite hydrating drink along with some detox and probiotic supplements in the morning, a quick 10-minute meditation or going for a walk or maybe a 30 min -1 hr workout or yoga.

STEP #2- Get attractive: This happens automatically right after you create a self-loving morning routine. You only have to acknowledge and notice the things that start happening around you, like being in a better mood and having more energy, the physical transformation as a result of a healthier lifestyle and conscious eating. Keep the momentum going, and you will start attracting people with the same positive attitude and maybe seeing some changes in others just by you changing yourself!

STEP #3- Keep the fire up: Focus on the positive only, this might take some practice and repetition, but it becomes a habit in the blink of an eye. Every “bad experience,” will show you that there is always a positive side that is what you should focus on. Don’t take things too personally, don’t dwell for too long, don’t let anybody steal your peace. Keep your fire up!

Need some ideas on where to start? Your own health is the best way to start loving yourself, some simple things to do that will bring you fast results are hydrating, daily detox and nourishing your body with superfoods that will help you curb your appetite, make healthier choices, lose weight and increase energy.

Need some ideas on how to express your love this Valentine’s day? Check out our “Love bundle” and give yourself some love and give your loved ones the same gift! It would be a great idea to start something together!.

Lili JooCertified Health Coach@lilirawliving

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