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“Our eating challenges have an amazing way of making us human. They ask us to look at ourselves. They ask us to dive deeper into our life to see what’s going on, to notice what’s happening in our own heart and soul, and to make adjustments and corrections that are in alignment with the highest expression of who we are as human beings.” ~Marc David 


I love this quote. I truly believe that our relationship with food is a very sacred experience.


Our relationship with food can be a tool to see into ourselves. Into our own hearts, our unconscious programming, and our current stream of thoughts. 


It can reflect..

How we choose to nourish ourselves moment by moment on a deep level. 


How we choose to obtain absence. The ways we use food to subtly check out. 

Every time we pick up something to put into our mouths, we are making a choice. 


But it is only a choice if it comes from a place of Awareness. 


Oftentimes, we are running through life on an old program. Within this old program we are living habitually. Following in the footsteps of our parents, grandparents, their parents parents, and so on. 


Creating a new program is about developing Awareness. 


Conscious Choice is found within this developing. 

Awareness is like a muscle that you exercise. 

The more you exercise this Awareness, the more Choice you have. 

The more Choice you have the more Freedom you have.


The Freedom to step out of the fate fulfilled destiny of following in our parents footsteps. 


How do you develop Awareness?

There’s only a couple things you need. 

Pay Attention to “Why you do the things you do.”


Ask Questions and Question Everything! ❓❔❓❔❓❔❓❔


Between these two, you’ll see for yourself the magical mysteries of developing a deeper awareness around your inner and outer world. ✨


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~Coach Rebecca Wolf

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