Publish Date: February 23, 2021

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Dehydrator Vs Oven? 


When we cook our food at a high temperature we kill the natural enzymes in our food that our bodies need to digest and assimilate food properly. 


When you dehydrate something (at 118 degrees or below) our food holds onto those enzymes. Making it a breeze to digest! (as it should be.)


And this is why Dehydrated Foods are okay to eat on a Raw Food Diet! 


The Goal with eating Raw Food is to eat foods that are full of their natural enzymes & nutrients (the way nature intended.)


Back in the day food was naturally dried by the sun (have you ever had a raisin that’s been dried right on the vine?) it’s unbelievable! Now we have fancy machines that do the work for us. 


Dehydrating foods is fun and easy, I can put whatever I want in it, walk away for 12 hours (Heck, I can even leave the house if I want to) without the fear that the house may catch on fire and burn down. That’s because the foods are dehydrated at temperatures that aren’t threatening to any sort of danger. 


This alone is a game changer for most!


Why you want to Dehydrate:


  • Doesn’t kill enzymes.
  • ‘Cooks’ evenly with proper airflow and temperature.
  • Effectively pulls moisture out of the food for optimal drying.
  • Minimal supervision required.
  • Energy efficient.

Why Dehydration is better than Cooking your food in the oven: 


  • Even at a “keep warm” setting, temperature is too high.
  • Kills vital food enzymes.
  • Most ovens don’t have an air-circulating fan.
  • Expensive to run.
  • Can’t leave it unattended.


The realization that most people are eating foods that are deficient in nutrients & enzymes is the main reason why Tim James created his Ultra Enzymes Product. To help the body with those missing nutrients that are lacking in our food. 


If you’re not ready to give up cooked foods quite yet, this is a supplement we make sure all of our friends, family, and clients are on! 


If you are ready to take a step in that direction, I highly recommend the Excalibur Dehydrator! 


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I hope you learned something new today!


Happy Tuesday Everyone! 


~Coach Wolf

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