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Let’s talk about Why Proper Food Combining is Sooooooo important! 


First things First, ”Poor Food Combining leads to degeneration”  Whether you are young or old. There are consequences to a poor diet. 


Did you know that thirty percent or more of our energy is used to digest food? And when we combine food correctly our body uses minimal energy for digestion so you can put all that extra energy into other areas of your life. 


Proper Food Combining boils down to this. “Different enzymes are required to digest different food components, and these enzymes are active only when conditions, mainly PH, are right.” 

When we unconsciously go about life using improper food combining, food starts to ferment and cause gas in your digestive tract. This is all due to food becoming “backed up” in your system. Which in return steals energy from our bodies. Our bodies have to work extra hard to fix what we just haphazardly did. 


It turns out, the more clean and pure you eat, the more sensitive you become when something doesn’t agree with your body chemistry. 

Food Combining is Based on Knowledge of Body Chemistry. 

My whole life I’ve been surrounded by people who have said “I’m fine with the way I eat, I don’t have food sensitivities like you. I can eat whatever I want and I’m good, my stomach feels like a rock… “ but the reality is… the older you get, the less that rings true. Infact, if you don’t make healthy conscious decisions then you will pay for that as you age. And I’ll tell you what, that detox phase? Isn’t going to be pleasant for you! 


So the quicker you start when it comes to making healthier choices the better for you in the long run. Trust me on this one! 

Don’t wait till it’s too late! 

I always come from it like this. It’s all about how you want to go out… 

Personally, when I eat clean and pure, I feel like a bird that could transcend out of this life at any moment.

When I eat bad, and I have aches and pains all over, I feel like a prisoner. Doomed to this life forever. 

And as you know, My daily to-do list is…  Wake up & Feel Good! 

And Proper Food Combining plays a large role in being able to do both of those things. 


Do you want to learn more about proper food combining?

Download our Proper Food Combining PDF under the “Health Hero Lifestyle Library” section!


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~Coach Wolf

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