Don't Forget To Play!

Don't Forget To Play!

Health Heroes! 

Do you take the time to just be? 


To tune into your own existence. 


To look around at the beauty surrounding you. 


To silence the worldly chatter and return to right here, right now. 


To know god. 


I try to get into nature daily. 

It’s a messy world we live in these days and it can be tempting to be distracted by it. 

But there is no greater joy, no greater peace, when I put away the daily todo list and return to the moment. Where there is nothing to do and no one to become. 


Where I can just be. 


Meditation doesn’t always mean closing your eyes and tuning into nothingness. That’s one way. But true meditation just means being fully present with whatever you are doing. Which is surprisingly difficult. I learned this after sitting through my second 10 day silent retreat. The mind can be a crazy thing. It can be our sweetest friend or our greatest enemy. The determining factor is discipline. Saying no to the things that are instinctively not of value to us. And replacing those things with things that are. 


When I step into a place where my mind quiets. 

My mind starts going in a creative way. 

Life becomes play. 


When I am constantly consumed by the world and worldly thoughts that feeling of creative play fades. My mind becomes mechanical. It starts looking for reasons to be unhappy. Which we all know all the terrible places that can spiral to. 


If anything, let this be your reminder that it’s okay to step away. It’s okay to just be. You don’t need to always be pushing towards something. You are perfect as you are right now. Bask in that joy and remember to play! 

~Rebecca Wolf 

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