Health Heroes! 🦸‍♀️

This is a fun time to try to be healthy 😆

I think it’s important to set some boundaries during this time and mini goals in between holidays. 

For 30 days I did no Refined or Processed Sugars and LOVED it. It helped me stay away from all the needless snacking on sweets that were around me. In Fact doing that challenge really showed me that staying away from refined and processed sugars is a way of life for me. 

It’s okay for special days. But on a day to day basis it’s just too easy to eat a little everyday and it adds up! 

I don’t like to think of it as restricting or having rules. I consider it guidelines for living in this crazy world we live in where we have an abundance of food that isn’t food. 😊

Another thing I like to incorporate is juice fasting! 

I just finished up a 5 day juice fast last week just in time to ease back into eating and eat some Turkey!

It’s a great way to give your body a little reset in between holidays and give your digestion a break. Juices are nice because you’re still getting a decent amount of calories each day which make it easier to go about life and live your day as you normally would. Lately I’ve been really enjoying the more colorful juices! 

One of my favorite fall/winter juice recipes to make is… 

5 lbs Carrots 

2 Medium Sized Beets 

4 Lemons 

6 Apples

Ginger to preferred spiciness. I like mine on the spicier side! 

It’s soooooo yummy! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

~Coach Rebecca Wolf

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