Healthy Doesn't Need to Be Hard

Healthy Doesn't Need to Be Hard

Health Heroes! 


One of the most common things I hear as a coach is “I don’t have time to make healthy food” 


But that is just one of the many excuses I see right through because it doesn't take a lot of time. It’s just not a priority to you. Otherwise you would find a way to make it as easy and quick as you need to. By switching to a cleaner diet I've learned that sometimes simple is best! 


I’ve been making some pretty epic sprout salads every night for dinner lately and I’ve been using some super quick and easy dressings that I am going to share with you today! 


These are two staple dressings that I turn to all the time! 


It can be tricky finding a Organic Vegan Mayo so I would order and stock up ahead of time to always have this on hand. 


Tim James showed me both of these! 


Kimchi & Vegan Mayo 


Just add as much Kimchi you desire and make it creamy with Vegan Mayo! 


Tim’s Vegan Version of Ranch: 

½ Cup Vegan Mayo 

3-4 Tbsp Bubbies Pickle Juice (You can find this pretty much in any store, refrigerated) 

1 Tbsp Braggs 24 Spices and Herb Seasoning (Linked here) 


I just throw a big portion of sprouts (all you can eat) on a plate and put as much dressing on as I want (I also like adding Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds) and Viola! 


You have yourself an Easy, Fast, SUPER NUTRITIOUS meal on the go! 


I hope you’ve found this helpful! 


~Rebecca Wolf

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