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If you missed my last post on Heavy Metal Toxicity then you might want to go back and read it. 

Here is a Quick and Easy Smoothie Recipe that helps with removing Toxic Heavy Metals! 

You’ll Need: 

2 Cups Wild Blueberries 

2 Bananas OR If your looking for lower sugar content do 2 Cups Raspberries 

1 Cup Cilantro 

1 Handful of Atlantic Dulse 

1 Tsp Spirulina 

Blend together…  

Add one scoop of Green 85, Give it a nice stir and Voila! 

You don’t want to blend the Green 85 with the smoothie ingredients as blending it kills some of the nutrients so it’s best to mix it in after blending! 

Not only is this a great way to get your greens in, you’re removing heavy metals from your body at the same time! 

That’s a win win in my book.

~Coach Wolf 

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