Health Heroes! 

If you don’t know how amazing Cultured Foods are you’re about to! 

What I am realizing more and more about this health journey is realizing just how much food affects our mood! 

Now that I am eating cleaner than ever before my mood has become very steady. I don’t have crazy high or lows anymore. I wake up and am the same person everyday. 

Which is HUGE. Because you develop a trust in yourself that when you experience extreme highs and lows just isn’t there. 

You learn that you can depend on yourself. 

I just ordered all the stuff I need to get my own yogurt, kefir, and cultured vegetables going and I can’t wait to transform my health to this next level! 

If you haven’t listened to the podcast that Tim did with Donna Schwenk. Go listen now! 

Donna Schwenk, Cultured Foods, Mind Blowing Medicine At Home 

How Microbes and Your Brain Work Together

“A healthy body isn’t the only result of consuming good bacteria – having a healthy gut also leads to a healthier emotional state.

Before I found cultured foods, I was a different person – physically and emotionally. As a young woman, and all the way into my late thirties, I would get upset easily. I didn’t smile often and simply wasn’t that happy. I am sad to say that I often felt grouchy and snapped at my kids. But when I started to eat cultured foods, everything changed. The summer I started to clean up my diet I also started to realize that I wasn’t getting overly cross with my kids. I began to wonder how food, especially cultured food, could change someone’s state of being so much. Since this realization, I’ve come upon research that helps me understand what happened in my life.

An article published in Natural News talks about a study out of Oxford University in the U. K. led by Dr. Drew Ramsey. [1] The article discusses Dr. Ramsey’s findings: “Nutrient deficiency is a major cause of behavioral abnormalities. Without the proper nutrients, the body cannot produce the appropriate chemicals and hormones required for clear thinking and a healthy mood, which in turn can lead to irrational and even dangerous behaviors.”

The study he conducted, in an attempt to see just how diet affects mood and behavior, was done with prison inmates who were split into two groups. The first group was given vitamin supplements and the second was given a diet of junk food. What he found is that the people in the first group became much more calm and less aggressive.

Nutritionist Nicolette Pace said, “Deficiencies in nutrients, magnesium or manganese, vitamin C, or some B vitamins may make a person hyperactive towards a stressor, a short fuse so to speak. Junk food doesn’t give your body what you need to cope with day-to-day stresses.”

This means that anything you can do to help your body absorb more nutrients, such as getting more healthy bacteria in your gut, will help your emotional state.” ~Donna Schwenk

Want to learn more? 

Head to and check out the many articles she has on just how good cultured foods are and why you want them in your life NOW! 

Unsure where to start? 

Here are some basic directions on what to get! 

To make Cultured Foods Yogurt: 

WHY you want to make your own: L. Reuteri — The Bacteria You’re Missing and the Superfood Yogurt I Love!

Yogurt Maker: Yogurt maker, Automatic Digital Yogurt Maker Machine with LCD Display, 8 Glass Jars 48 Ozs, Stainless Steel Design,Auto Temp Control

Easy Start Packets:

Also Get the: Prebio Plus

Kefir Easy Start Packets:

You will receive with your purchase detailed instructions on how to make dairy and non-dairy LR Yogurt

Do you have any questions? 

Email me at 

I would love to help! 

~Coach Rebecca Wolf 

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