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“Nothing reveals us as powerfully as our relationship with food. We ingest food many times a day and always in accordance with lack of trust. 


We nourish either our lack or our trust. 


When we are calm, peaceful, and trusting, we consume enough to sustain our light, but when we are restless and frightened, we feed the imemine. (ego)


One of the most powerful awareness exercises we can undertake is to simply observe our diet.” ~Gudni Gunnarson 


I learned so much about myself after doing a 3 day water fast. 


When you take food out like that, it puts you face to face with your addictions/urges. I can’t even tell you the amount of times I wanted to give up and go eat peanut butter and raisins. 


But the point of doing a water fast was to grow my awareness, because deep down I understand that no amount of willpower changes habits. 


I wanted to create space between myself and those urges. 


I wanted to practice discipline every time those urges for peanut butter and raisins arose. 


I recognized the thought, refrained from acting on it, relaxed into the feeling, then made a conscious choice where to go from there. 


Which for me was finishing what I said I was going to do. A three day water fast with a conscious slow re-feeding (juiced and smoothies first, not going to solid food right away, re-feeding is of utmost importance!) 


I grew more discipline not by trying so hard. 


But rather, not doing anything at all. 


Allowing everything to be as it is. 


This is what I believe creates real lasting change. 


~Coach Rebecca Wolf

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