Health Heroes! ‍♀️

How much do you pay for Health Insurance?

Me? I pay a little everyday!

The Best Health Insurance is the day to day stuff you do to build your immunity and make your body strong and resilient. 

Eating healthy isn’t expensive. 

Cancer is expensive.

My daily routine consists of…

First thing in the morning I take my supplements (Toxin Detox, Gut Detox, Probiotics & Ultra Enzymes) as I drink my Flax Water mixed with Green 85. 

Then I hit the trail for 4-6 miles. ‍♀️

Then I come home, make my fresh green juice and get into my work for the day!

These little steps ensure me that I don’t need to pay for some crazy health care plan. (Not saying you shouldn’t pay for health insurance, it’s always good to have something in place in case there is ever an accident.) 

But what I’m saying here is that my lifestyle is my ultimate health care plan!

What do you do in your daily routine to keep your body strong and healthy?

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Till next time! ✨

~Coach Wolf  

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