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Today, I would like to shine light on Awareness. 👁🌿👁

And How Awareness plays a Key Role in Creating Change.

Before any Change can take place, We must become Aware of why we do the things we do.

The only way to Change something is to become Aware of…

1.) What it is.

2.) How it is serving (or not serving) us.

3.) Understand where it comes from, what created it in the first place.

It is in the Understanding of the behavior that leads to the Freedom of that Behavior. 

There is no amount of “Willpower” or “Trying” that creates change.

That’s just not how it works… Which is good news right?

Rather, it is Understanding and Acceptance of what is that creates change. 🙏🏼

Imagine Awareness as the space that fills a room.

The Stuff in the Room are your Thoughts. 💭

Awareness is the Space that is Between a Thought and The Action.

When we have space around our thoughts (because every action starts as a thought)

We have the Capability to Choose.

To make a Conscious Choice.

Choice does not exist without Awareness.

If there is no Awareness, then you are acting on some old program. A program that’s been conditioned in you throughout the years.

We are here to let go of that Old Programming and Bring Awareness back into your life to empower you to make conscious healthy choices.

A good place to start practicing would be around unhealthy eating habits.

I want you to start becoming aware of the moment a Thought/Urge arises to eat something unhealthy. That moment you get that Sweet Craving or see that Burger.

I want you to practice creating space between grabbing the unhealthy food and the thought/urge that arose in the first place.

You may only last 3 minutes before you cave, but maybe the next time it will be 5 minutes, and the next time 10 minutes. 🤷‍♀️

The longer you stretch the time between the thought and the action is Growing your Awareness. 🌱

And once you practice this enough, pretty soon, you will be able to create so much space between the thought and the action that you will be able to make a conscious choice ‘within that space’ whether consuming the unhealthy food will serve you or not. Whether that instant of momentary pleasure is worth those long term effects.

This my Friends is how we create Real Lasting Change! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

~Coach Rebecca Wolf

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