People who are unhappy on a day to day basis aren’t actively pursuing enough of the things that make them feel good. 

They are Passively going through their days. 

This is why having Healthy Habits are important to discover. 

Can you identify the things that make you feel good?

For me it is… 

Doing something outside my comfort zone


Cleaning the house

Being in Nature

Making a Healthy Meal (Trying new recipes) 

Making Juice



When I am not feeling good. I do one or multiple of the things above and I ALWAYS feel better after. 

Take a moment right now to write down the things that you actively pursue that  make you feel. 

Another factor is too much screen time or over indulgence in the things that aren’t so healthy that you enjoy. 

Yes I said it. Staring into screens too much will dull your senses and make the things that you used to enjoy, less enjoyable… 

Eating out too much makes healthier food less enjoyable.. 

Practice Discipline. 

Refrain from mindless screen time. 

Say no to those extra sweets. 

Only go out no more than eat once a week. 


Show your body WHO’S IN CONTROL. 

I have found this process to be incredibly humbling. 

And a great reminder how important moderation in all areas of life is. 

Who can relate? 

~Coach Rebecca Wolf 

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